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Car Seat

Has anyone started looking at infant carseats? The one we used with Christopher and Cooper expired this month so we got to get another one.

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I still have an infant car seat I bought while pg with my son. It doesn't expire till 2018 or so, but I tried it in the car the a while back and its going to be pretty cramped in there with all 3. I have one Radian and have given some thought to getting another one, but they are expensive and the current seats fit. I am keeping an eye out in case the Radian goes on sale though.

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Our old infant seat expired last month as well. I ordered a new Chicco one on Zulily a few weeks ago.

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Our old peg perego is still in date, so we will be using that. Once the baby is out of the bucket my ODS will move to a booster and the new baby will get ODS' Britax Boulevard. The Peg Perego will expire though in 2015, so this baby will be the last child to use it.

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I remember having a hard time trying to pick one out last year when I was pregnant. I will leave that up to DH, he is good with researching those things, so at this point I have no idea.

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We're getting a car seat from my sister. She bought her's new when she was pregnant with my nephew. It doesn't expire until 2019 or something, she said. It's the kind that comes with a stroller. I'm very excited...I've never had one of those before.

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I bought T and Sprog matching Radians back in March when they were on sale. Smile

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A friend of mine who is a car seat expert told me about this one. DH doesnt' want to spend over 100 dollars on the infant seat since we will only use it for 9 or so months before he outgrows it.

Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat, Athens -