Check in ladies!!!

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Check in ladies!!!

Hey girls. Been a bit quiet here lately! How is everyone doing?

I had ob appt last week BP was good and i actually didnt gain weight! I almost did a cart wheel out of that office! Home today with a sick DD. She has a fever and sore throat. So she is laying next to me.

I have a nursey!!!!!! Well half of one his room is still not done. I put the crib in my room and i am waiting on other things. Holy hand me downs!!! My friend that had twins in oct. just dropped off 2 bags of newborn to 3 months clothes!!! Enough for three kids!! She even washed and folded them!

Baby is head down now so i an starting to feel movement very low again and its uncomfortable! I literally feel a head near my privates sometimes? Anyone else?? Okay ladies i expect responses!!!! Have a great day! I am praying all this cuddling doesnt get me sick too! But i have to take advantage she still wants to cuddle with me!! Lol!!

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Things are going well here. I can't believe I'm already in my 3rd trimester... it doesn't seem possible. I still feel great for the most part, but definitely can tell that I'm getting bigger and don't have the stamina that I did a few weeks ago. I'm trying to not carry around DS2 (almost 22 months) as much since he weighs 31 pounds, but he doesn't understand so it makes it hard. The baby moves a lot, but is a stinker - he or she will not move when the older kids want to feel even if we push and tap at my belly, but then as soon as I am away from them, the kicking and hiccups will start again!

We took a vacation to Disney and the beach a few weeks ago, which was spectacular - we escaped the snow and frigid temps and went to 80 degree sunshine. The day at Magic Kingdom was super tiring for me, but I survived and the kids had a blast. We made it almost 13 hours from the time we left the hotel until we got home that night, so I think we squeezed as much in as we could to that day. Then we went to the beach for a week and relaxed. I couldn't have asked for a better vacation.

Hope you are all doing well. It's almost March, meaning only 2 months until May!

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Hey everything is going ok here. I had to go to the ER early Sunday morning and had to get monitored in Labor and Delivery b/c I was having horrible pains in my left side. They think I have small kidney stone even though they didn't see any on the ultrasound bc I had blood in my urine. I had to get a ton of IV fluids and some medicine and I got to go home late Sunday night. I wasn't having any contractions and Camden was super active. They would get the monitor on him to monitor his heartbeat then he would move before they even walked out the room! He was not being very cooperative with them!

I also feel like he is head butting me down below! It is weird!! We are working on getting his dressers done and painted! then we can put the finishing touches on the nursery!! Not to much longer now!

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We're doing alright here. Just got to 27 weeks today so I'm excited to be in the last week of the 2nd trimester. Next week is my 7 month, Midwife appt. We're going to do the gestational diabetes test. Yuck. But I can't wait to get that over with.

I'm feeling...ok...BH are coming a lot now lately but they're not painful or consistent so...nothing to be worried about. Heartburn occasionally. I still get nauseous in the morning but it's not bad. Aiden is not in my pelvis right now. He loves my ribs and is constantly pushing against my lungs lol. He squirms and kicks, hiccups and etc. I'm lovin every minute of that! He also occasionally will kick my cervix...or something down there...because it tingles and goes numb.

I'm still not back to my pre-preggo weight. I lost a ton of weight at the beginning. Although I'm sure I'll start gaining it all back here shortly as Aiden starts putting on all his baby fat! I really, really, can't wait to meet him. I've never been a patient person but this is one of those things I can't control lol. Just have to wait to meet our little guy.

I'm glad all of you are doing so good!!!

Marisol, I'm so sorry your DD is sick. Hugs to her! How awesome that your friend has given you so many hand-me-downs!
Ashley...a vacation to Disney...So jealous lol. I'm glad you all had fun!! sorry to hear about your ER visit but it's great that it wasn't labor. And yay for almost being done with the nursery!

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Things are going pretty well here, though I am starting to feel very very tired. Between normal fatigue and waking up multiple times at night to use the bathroom I am just plain exhausted most of the time. I will be 32 weeks tomorrow, so only 8 weeks left, give or take. I am seeing the midwife every 2 weeks now. My next appointment is Tuesday. Nothing really interesting is going on with this pregnancy and that I am grateful for. My blood pressure has been normal the whole time and I am measuring at my dates. I've gained 34lbs, which totally sucks, but oh well, I am exercising and my eating is not awful..

We have a vacation planned for a couple of weeks from now. It will be great to get out of town. It's been a super cold winter here and I'm totally sick of it. Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to be minus 27 Celsius! It's snowy and icy and windy Sad The snow hasn't melted since December and the snowbanks are over my head! We are going to Hilton Head for a week and then we will be going to Princeton, NJ for a couple days on the way home. We are driving, which will be a long drive with the kids, but I think it will just be nice to be somewhere that we don't have to wear snowsuits.