Exercise Plans/Goals

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Exercise Plans/Goals

Yeah, yeah, we're all nauseous and exhausted and the last thing we want to think about is exercise. BUT, we all know that a healthy body means an easier birth and recovery.

What are your exercise plans/goals/hopes for this pregnancy? Don't be shy to admit you don't have any or that you're planning to avoid exercise. Everyone does this differently. Let's support each other in our goals Smile

My preferred form of exercise is bicycling. I ride somewhere between 0-50 miles per week. I plan to continue riding until 1) my belly gets in the way or 2) my body tells me I need to stop. After that I'm going to take a gym break during the day to walk on the treadmill.

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I am a runner. I have been running throughout my pregnancy so far. I had to slow down a bit weeks 6-10 because I had horrible nausea 24/7 and I was exhausted. I am starting to feel better now. I ran a 25km trail race this weekend, I took it easy and finished it, which was my goal. I am running in a half marathon the last weekend in October. I have a couple other 5k races planned up until December. I am going to keep running as long as I can. After I feel as though it's too uncomfortable I will likely walk and do aqua-fit at the local community center. I love running, it's my mental health break. My midwife is totally on board with me doing this stuff, as I had been running a lot before pregnancy and I'm not upping the intensity on things.

I biked during my last pregnancy right past 40 weeks. I went on a decent bike ride at 40w2d. It was a pain, I had to pedal with my legs off to the side since my belly was in the way, but's it's a nice way to exercise and it isn't too hard on your bladder. Last pregnancy I had to stop running at about 20 weeks because my bladder leaked and hurt when I ran Sad

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My main goal is to walk a lot and that's pretty much it. I've slacked way off on the running for too long to pick it back up now, so its really all I can do at this point, but really a necessity considering I'm still hoping to VBA2C.

Erin, I wish I had the fitness motivation you do!

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I enjoy going to the gym, because it gives me more energy during the day. Unfortunately, my OB put me on bed rest and said definitely no exercise during the first trimester (due to spotting and history of M/C). Later on (mid of second trimester) I'll start low impact cardio exercises at the gym: walking on treadmill, stationed bicycle, elliptical.

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I was about 5 weeks into the couch to 5k. I'm hoping to keep walking through out pregnancy. I haven't worked out for my other two and I'm heavier then I have been so I want to be really healthy so it will be easier to lose after this one.

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I like doing exercise videos on youtube, like Richard Simmons stuff. His kind of style and attitude makes it fun for me. I can play them on my TV through youtube.

I did really well in September. I lost 6lbs from diet and exercise (before the nausea hit). But now I feel like crap and eating makes the nausea stay away. I haven't weighed myself in almost 2 wks. Some days I barely eat, other days I eat waaay too much. So I'm not sure where my weight is right now. I'm glad I dropped that initial 6lbs. Gives me some wiggle room. I'd say I'm only supposed to gain 25lbs max with where my starting weight is. I'm hoping to stay in that area. I gained 38lbs the first time, and 32lbs the second time (I had much lower starting weights though).

So my general goal is to do the workout videos every other day and make good food choices. However it's very difficult right now in the 1st trimester.

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Unfortunately I don't exercise when I'm not pregnant... I feel like I go non-stop between work and kids from 5am-10pm or later and when it's finally over, I want to sleep! With my last 3 pregnancies, I started tapering off from work around 35 weeks which gave me time to walk several miles a day so that I had stamina for labor and it totally worked. I plan to do the same this time.

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My OB wants me to walk or excercise 30 minutes a day! I am trying to do this. I have a busy schedule and I have had no energy and been so tired so i haven't got to as much as i know I should!

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I haven't had a plan but the more I read about exercise during pregnancy...the more I know I need to do something. Right now I'm on bed rest until we have 3 days without spotting. Yesterday and today I've been spotting old blood so hopping the first day of no spotting will be tomorrow.

We do have an abdomen crunch machine..although I'm thinking that's a bad idea even after the first tri is over.
I'm so exhausted that house work felt like exercise ... now with the bed rest I can't even do that

We also have one of those gliding walk thingies...gonna use that after bed rest is over.