False Labor

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False Labor

FYI, This is gonna be more of a vent than anything else and it turned out to be very long.

We're 21 weeks...almost 22 weeks and I've been feeling braxton hicks...which is normal.
The problem occurred this past Friday when I started having pain too! The pain was in my back with pelvic pressure and a weird numb feeling up inside my hooha.

The pain in my back was so bad that I thought I had a kidney infection. I started drinking pure cranberry juice, laying down in bed...I also took vitamin C and some probiotics. For 2 days the pain persisted and I could still feel my uterus contracting. The actual contractions weren't painful so I still assumed they were braxton hicks.

I called the Midwife and she wanted me to come in for a urine analysis and get a prescription for my kidney infection...but...my urine was clean and when she tapped on my kidneys it didn't hurt. The ache was there but tapping on my kidneys should have made me wail...so confusing. She checked my cervix and it was soft and 1cm dilated. It's always been 1cm dilated but soft was a new development.

So then we were sent to L&D. They hooked us up to the NST and the nurse didn't even check to see where the fundus of my uterus was...she put the contraction detector WAY above my uterus like up under my boobs. I moved it down when she left.

Then she starts taking info from me and finds out that I've had 2 c-sections - she assumes this one will be a c-section...I said no. So then she starts nagging at me about why are we not having another c-section...she doesn't know my history or anything and she wouldn't stop. She even started talking to us like we were ignorant and rolling her eyes...anyway...that's not the point

The point is...I had the worst birthday ever...rushing to the hospital to stay there for 3.5 hours before the dr even showed up. By then my "contractions" had stopped and the pain had lessened. He called it false labor and sent us home. Sad

The pain kept coming back every several hours (usually after walking, etc) so my Midwife is treating me for bacterial vaginosis. Everything else has been ruled out. It's not a kidney infection or a bladder infection and my cervix did not change - thankfully - so it wasn't pre-term labor. I'm glad to know that the worst possible outcomes have been ruled out.

I'm drinking 8 glasses of water a day and 3 glasses of diluted cranberry juice on top of that. And I've also started taking calcium/magnesium pills every night because it will calm my uterus. It's been 2 days and I'm already feeling better. Smile

Anyway...so sorry for the vent. I just can't stand how I was treated at the hospital and the dr didn't do a darn thing for me. Sorry...Ok...Vent over. Thanks for reading and if you actually got this far...kudos to you!

I'm a little over halfway done in this pregnancy...and I'm hoping and praying this is the only crappy thing that happens. Aiden is doing so well. I have no doubts that I'll carry him to term and have a healthy baby! Smile

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I'm sorry you are feeling so lousy. I hope that you start feeling better soon! Also, are they concerned that you are already a bit dilated? 21 weeks seems pretty early for that.

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No they're not concerned as I've pretty much been a finger dilated the entire pregnancy. I've carried him this far with a slight opening. I think we would have all been concerned if my cervix changed after the "episode" of contractions and pains. I'm just resting as much as possible and I'm on pelvic rest for a week.

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I hate hospitals and the way that patients are sometimes treated. I would make sure you keep on eye on the cervix just in case. Glad all is well and continue to rest as much as you can!! :bighug: