Folic Acid Question

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Folic Acid Question

I have been taking my prenatal multi vitamin that has 800 mg folic acid. Since I had 2 miscarriages, I was wondering if taking a higher dosage would be a good idea. I have read up to 4K is common for mothers with history of birth defects, but does miscarriages count for it. Is it safe to take another 800mg just in case (making it 1600 mg total)?

I have my first appt next week. Any one have any experience with this or knows something about it?

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I haven't heard of extra folic acid helping to prevent m/c, but I've never asked. I take a folic acid, b6 and b12 supplement (prescribed by my doctor) due to some risk in my family for birth defects. From what I understand, there is only upside to taking extra FA, so I figure why not.

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I hope you don't mind me stopping by.
I have a history of mc and it turns out I am homoguous for mthfr which is a mutation gene due to not converting folio acid properly.
I was told to up my dosage from 400iug to 5 mg and I now have a gorgeous little boy.
I had my 6 week check up yesterday and the doctor and I were talking about it and he is doing research to see if it is safe to take so much when it is not needed.
The research is still under way so there are no answers yet.. All I do know is before you take loads of something.. Ask someone just in case it does more harm than good.
I personally am allergic to aspirin so can't take it but a consultant told me if yourself prescribe even that when ttc it can do more harm than good.

I am sorry for you mc and good luck to you

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The only recent knowledge I have about Folic Acid - My midwife told me to take food based vitamins (easier for my body to break it down and use it) Folic Acid is the synthetic version. Folate is the food based. From what I was told...taking it as a food based vitamin will get more of it in your body and not in your urine.

Here's some links to some research I did quickly today.

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I hope this helps a little.