Halloween Photo Share

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Halloween Photo Share

Thought I'd share some photos from last night, feel free to share yours here too!

Me and my almost 4-year-old, put this photo on Facebook as a pregnancy anouncement

The 3 boys in their costumes (vampire, friendly blue monster and fire fighter)

My oldest couldn't wait to get into the candy!

Henry, my 17 month old (sorry it's blurry, he rarely stops moving!)

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So cute, Kristin! I still haven't figured out how to upload pictures after all this time! We had a peacock fairy princess and a ninja turtle in our house. Jonas, the 18 month old, was sick so I didn't end up putting him in costume. He was going to be Brian Urlacher (CHI Bears football player), but alas, I saved him the pain. So much candy in our house right now, which is beyond dangerous for me!

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I love your announcement shirt, so cute! Adorable costumes for your boys.

My son dressed up as Jake in Neverland. I had clothing to look like his friend Izzy...but my pants didn't fit. I ended up using my yoga pants and tank top that I use for exercise (even that was tight). If everything goes well today at my app (12 wks), I'll go buy maternity clothing tomorrow. Enough of me, DS had fun as we walked the neighborhood and then visited his grandmother.

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Love the costumes. My daughter was a zombie girl. I think she looked pretty cool!