Hate the spotting

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Hate the spotting

UGH, I went to OB and she said it's fine as long as it is not red. However, since I'm spotting I still have to stay off my feet as much as possible. I was hoping that I can start picking up my daughter from school at least but that's put on hold until I get my cervix measured at 16 weeks. Hoping and praying it's still at the same length and hasn't shortened anymore.

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How stressful.
I think of you every day Mari.
And you are in my prayers.
Just do as you are told by the docs okay.
Sm always about to keep you occupied if you get bored on bed rest xxxxx

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That sounds really stressful, especially since you are already on edge. I hope it stops soon and you get good news at your 16 weeks check up.

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:bighug: I wish I could give you a real one.

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Hugs, Mari. I think about you all of the time. I am hoping to hear great news after your 16 week appt.

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Thinking of you! It's so hard waiting to be told things are going ok. I hope these days fly by and everything is perfect in there.

I am hoping so very very hard for you honey!