Help with a name for a girl!

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Help with a name for a girl!

So I thought we had picked our names and we are set on a boy name...but now I need/want to change my girl name. You see. While we are using family names for the boy and the girl's first name...I am also a big stickler for meanings. One or all of the names has to mean something of value to me. IDK why I do this but I just feel it's important

Anyway...If it's a boy, his name will be Aaiden Columbus Richie Palmer. If it's a girl, her name WOULD HAVE BEEN Olivia Delaney Rose Palmer.

Here are the meanings:

Aaiden ~ Little Fire
Columbus ~ Dove (was also my father's first name. He died 5/20/11 on DD2's second birthday. so this is in honor of him.
Richie ~ Brave Ruler (is DH's grandfather's family name. A name that was asked to be passed along so we are. In honor of DH and his grandfather)
Palmer ~ Holy Land Pilgrim (this is our surname)

~ Elf Army (it is also the female version of Oliver which was my father's middle name. So this would be in honor of him if we had a girl)
Rose ~ Rose (IMO it means beauty, pretty, dainty but it'll still stick you if you're mean lol)

But Delaney!!!

Origin: English
Meaning: From the alder grove

Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: Child of dark defiance

Olivia has great meaning to me because it's from my father's name. And DH and I both love the name rose. I need another middle name for a baby girl to complete the name and hold up the tradition of 2 middle names.

I know my reasoning may sound stupid ... but it is important to me. And I know I have 7.5 months to figure it out. lol. I just want to get it right.

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Just wanted to say any suggestions and comments are welcome. And I know we're spelling aiden wrong. We wanted to be different. Smile

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Just for reference these are my other girls' names.

DD1: Averi Elizabeth Mackenzie
DD2: Emma Isabella Claire

Averi ~ noble leader
Elizabeth ~ God is my oath
Mackenzie ~ child of Mack (see they don't all have to mean something great)

Emma ~ Whole
Isabella ~ Spanish version of Elizabeth. Means God is my oath
Claire ~ clear, bright, famous

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Alright; so I'm looking up some other names.
So far I like:

Ainsley ~ Person From Ansley, England (not wild on the meaning but it's pretty and it doesn't mean anything "bad") Plus DH's family; on his father's side, are from England so that's not half bad...
Arianna ~ very holy
Ariella ~ lion of God
Catalina ~ pure
Sophia ~ wisdom

Anyway... enough obsessing. It's 1:15pm CST so I've got to start the 2 hour drive to my appt...wish me luck. Smile

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Ainsley is what I have on the top of my list Smile Lovvvve it!


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** double post

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I like Catalina.

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Well DH is dead set on Delaney and he says it doesn't matter what the meaning
Hopefully we just have a boy.