How is everyone feeling? Any appts?

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How is everyone feeling? Any appts?

Hey ladies,

Post an update! I'm doing okay. Feeling baby move a lot now. Yesterday he was just all over the place! It was awesome. He seems a little less active today....I guess from all that exercise he did yesterday.

I have my anatomy scan on the 18th, that's also my next cervical length. UGH, those US are so stressful!!

I then have a OB appt on 20th, not looking forward to hearing how fat I am again!

I think we have pretty much set a name kind of by accident. I think he will be named Sebastian. My DH is a HUGE formula 1 race car fan and his favorite racer is Sebastian Vetel. While watching a race with him a few weeks ago they just kept saying his name over and over and I was like "do you like it?" And he does, so as a joke we started saying the name and DD caught on and now we are just kind of used to it. It almost seems natural and that's what we should name him. LOL. It's not 100%, but I do believe that's what it will be.

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I'm feeling great - I finally have my energy back and don't fall asleep with my kids every night at 7:30. And not being tired also makes me less likely to be the wicked witch of the west by 7:30, which is also such a nice thing for everyone under my roof! I'm also getting bigger and noticeably pregnant, which is a little problematic since I'm still not ready to disclose it at work. I'm hoping the big sweaters and leggings will continue to work for me until after the holidays.

As for appointments, I went to the doctor on Tuesday after a slight scare... I have been feeling the baby move several times a day for about 2.5 weeks, but hadn't felt anything since Saturday. I called my OB and the nurse said to come in just to make sure. I was a nervous wreck, but thankfully everything is fine. The NP found the baby's HB immediately and then she also brought in the u/s machine for added reassurance, which was fine by me. I started feeling the baby move again on Tuesday night and have continued to feel it since then, so I have no idea what was going on.

My next appointment is Dec. 17th and we'll have the diagnostic/anatomy u/s at that appointment. I'm excited to see the baby again, but strangely still don't feel the need to find out the gender so I think I will actually be able to hold out until the birth this time.

Mari - Sebastian is such a cute name!

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Mari, I have to agree, Sebastian is an adorable name! Good luck on your next U/S and cervical length. I know it'll go well.

Ashley, I'm so sorry about your scare. :bighug: The same thing happened to me but thankfully my sister gave me my doppler back several weeks ago. So anytime I'm nervous I just pop it on for a second.

I've been feeling baby move and actually knowing for certain it's baby since 12 weeks...but the past several days I haven't felt a thing. Then all of a sudden, today there's little jabs again. Weird. But awesome!

I'm finally, finally getting past the nausea. I've learned how to force myself to eat every 2-3 hours and eating a ton of protein helps.
And the fatigue comes and goes. I'm doing good today.

We're going out of town this Saturday for a family Christmas party. Then Thursday, 12/12/13 we're having our gender u/s. I can't wait. Then the next day is our 16 week Midwife appt. I can't believe we're almost to 4 months preggo! So ecstatic!

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Well today I reached the half way point! Can't believe how fast the first 20 weeks went...I go on Monday for my anatomy scan. I had an appointment with my midwive this week and everything looked fine. Excited to see the baby for (hopefully) the last time before he/she is born.

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My next appointment is December 17th. Not sure what all they will do. I am really tired lately and can't sleep at night. I am having a problem with my thyroid. I saw a thyroid specialist last week and she wanted to do some more blood work before putting me on medicine. Not sure if the pregnancy has thrown off my thyroid or if it was just caught b/c of blood work that they did and maybe i have had a problem and not known. My family has a history of thyroid problems so I could to. It is making me not be able to sleep at night and then i am so tired throughout the day. I have quit one of my jobs to help take some of the load off me! I am still subbing and doing my photography.

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Sorry about the thryoid issues Nichole! I have also been having trouble sleeping. I literally am waking up about ever 1.5 to 2hrs just for no reason it stinks! Sad

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Gosh I hope they find a solution for you soon, Nichole. :bighug: