I'm 8weeks +6 today. My midwife took me off the prometrium 8 days ago because it was literally making me so ill I couldn't keep down water and I had horrible headaches. She tested my progesterone at 8wks+1 and it was 14...which is up from 10.6 at 5wks. I'm going in today to be tested again.

Right now the nausea is under control a bit with eating protein every 2-3 hours. Still having a gag reflex with water tho, which is strange. And I still vomit everyday...I don't understand why, but after I eat I vomit about an hour later. I'm constipated and I have the painful acne all over my face and my arms. I'm also still dealing with fatigue.

My boobs have stopped hurting tho, so I'm glad for that.