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Thread: Introductory Check In!

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    Name/age: Jenny/33
    DH name/age: Tom/39
    How many kids do you have now?:2
    More babies in the future?: this is probably our last
    Birth plan?: repeat c-section
    When will you tell family?: immediate family prob right away/ in laws not for a while
    Any symptoms yet?: sore bb's, heartburn like crazy! Moody
    Cravings?:nothing yet but I do notice I was constantly hungry yesterday which I thought was weird bc I was just getting over a stomach bug.
    Will you do a FB announcement?: not for a while maybe month 4?
    Anything else you want to share?:I used to be a teacher but am now a sahm. I love being with my kids. I still feel like I am in complete shock it has taken so long for us to get boys have been asking for a sister for so long now, I wonder what they would think if its a boy lol
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    Name/age: Steph/28

    DH name/age: Greg/31

    How many kids do you have now?: I have 2 from my previous marriage and now DH and I are expecting our first together!!

    More babies in the future?: We want one more after this one...but even after that we won't do anything dramatic to prevent pregnancy. I'm never cutting anything in my body again. DH won't either

    Birth plan?: I've already been given the go ahead for a VBAC. We've got our midwife and we're going to attempt a home birth. HBA2C (Home Birth After 2 Caesarians)

    When will you tell family?: I already told my mom and my stepmom. DH knows of course but the rest of the family will have to wait AT LEAST until my early U/S confirms that our nudger is not ectopic

    Any symptoms yet?: Slightly sore breasts, sensitive nipples. But these are symptoms I get for a week before AF. The only difference is the symptoms are not as strong. We're taking that as a good sign.

    Cravings?: No cravings yet

    Will you do a FB announcement?: We will...after the 1st Trimester...If I can hold out that long

    Anything else you want to share?: I'm just so happy to be here! I've had 2 M/C in the past. I just got my tubes untied. H&Ping for a healthy pregnancy and baby! Early U/S to confirm baby location is still unscheduled.
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    Name/age: Jeni 28
    DH name/age: Asa 28 next month
    How many kids do you have now?: One DD 4 next month
    More babies in the future?: at least one more after this one
    Birth plan?: Natural as possible, but probably at the Hospital.
    When will you tell family?: Already told. (I'm a little excited)
    Any symptoms yet?: Nausea off and on, fatigue, some bloating
    Cravings?: Not really, but have had a couple instances of aversions so far.
    Will you do a FB announcement?: Just did the other day. I'm not a huge fan of waiting to tell people, if you couldn't tell. :P For Facebook, I got my daughter a shirt that says "Awesome Big Sister" and took a couple pictures of her wearing it. I posted that with the caption, "Why yes, I am trying to say something here." It was cute.
    Anything else you want to share?: I'm trying to figure out what kind of newborn cloth diapers to buy. We cloth diapered our daughter, but we didn't start till she was about 5-6 months old, so I don't have any of the little-little ones yet.

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    DD: 10/9/09

    New Baby: EDD 5/15/14
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    Name/age: Kim 32
    DH name/age: Louie 31
    How many kids do you have now?:Two boys, 3 in Dec and 14 mo
    More babies in the future?: probably not, might adapt at some point
    Birth plan?: CSection, first one induced, 32 hrs and only dilating to 5, second VBAC attempt, water broke on own, dilated completely and pushed for 5 hrs before deciding on csection.
    When will you tell family?: As we see them. So spread out between October and beginning of November
    Any symptoms yet?: sore bbs, already hungry all the time
    Cravings?: Mexican
    Will you do a FB announcement?: yes, nothing big though
    Anything else you want to share?: I have been on this board since my first son in 2010 but couldn't get logged in so here starting over again.


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    Name/age: Kristin, 32
    DH name/age: Donald, 30
    How many kids do you have now?:3 (boy age 5.5, boy age 3.5 and boy age 16 months)
    More babies in the future?: Probably
    Birth plan?: Home birth with a midwife
    When will you tell family?: Told them last week!
    Any symptoms yet?: had horrible nausea weeks 6-10, it's getting better now, also extremely tired
    Cravings?: none yet, though I have been craving junk food more then usual
    Will you do a FB announcement?: Not sure yet, I always wonder if putting something like that on Facebook would hurt some of my friends feelings who are trying to conceive, especially since this is my 4th child
    Anything else you want to share?: I love running and hope to run at least until the half way point of this pregnancy.
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    Kristin - Mom to 3 little boys and one baby girl

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    Name/age: Erin, 31
    DH name/age: Izzy, 34
    How many kids do you have now?: 1 DD, Teagan, just turned 3
    More babies in the future?: This will be it for us
    Birth plan?: I batted around the idea of a HB but we so loved my water birth at the birth center last time and a HB will be $$$ so BC it is again. I'm super excited about it.
    When will you tell family?: My Mom already knows & I'll probably tell my sister know soon. Everyone else has to wait until my Thanksgiving reveal. If my SIL sees this, I'm hoping she can keep a secret
    Any symptoms yet?: Sore boobs, some really mild nausea (m/s can stay the hell away from me, yes?, thank you), RLP, heartburn
    Cravings?: None. Didn't have any last time. Food aversions were the name of the game.
    Will you do a FB announcement?: Yep. I'm excited about it.
    Anything else you want to share?: EEEEEEEeeeeeeep! Stick bean STICK!!
    DD Teagan 9/25/10
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    SShhhhhhh, we're not FB official.

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