It's a........

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It's a........


We are excited! DD is not at all! She actually got pretty upset. She really wanted a sister. Sad

My cervix went from a 2.8 to a 3.0 and is closed so for now things look good. Overall, it was a great appt!

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Congrats on your boy!!!
Yay in that great appt.

My son just wants a baby...he is 4 yrs, so I don't think he gets the idea of having a sibling. All he can think of is that babies are cute lol

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WHOOP!!! Congrats on your baby boy!!

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congrats on your boy!!!

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Yay!!!!! Congrats on a little boy and yay for a fab appointment!!!!! Xxxx

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Congrats on a baby boy and on a great appointment! Your daughter has a lot of times to come to terms with it, so hopefully her disappointment won't last long. And even if it does, I am more than willing to bet that the moment she lays eyes on him for the first time, any negativity that she had will go away. The good thing about babies is that other than diaper changes and speaking from a gender perspective, they are all the same for quite some time! Many congrats again - so happy for you!

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Congrats on a baby boy and a great appointment today!

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Oh wow, that's a boy!!! So happy for you! Don't worry. DD will come around;

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So happy for you!!! Smile Hope your appointments keep going wonderfully!!

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Yay Mari!!!! Congrats on your baby boy! Sounds like an awesome appointment!