Lower stomach cramping/ligament pain?

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Lower stomach cramping/ligament pain?

Does anyone have cramping or ligament pain in the lower stomach? This Is my third baby and I don't remember having all this cramping pulling pains. It's not unbearable just nagging. I seem to be a paranoid nut this go round. I have had two pregnancies already and one loss before this pregnancy and it took us 17 months to get pregnant. So I am freaking over every little thing.

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This is my third too and I was thinking earlier today that I don't remember having this much cramping and RLP with the other two. I'm just going to assume its normal unless there are other signs of issues. In the meantime, I'm going to curl into a ball every time I need to sneeze due to the RLP!

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funny you post this because i am having this today. heard the babies HB this morning so i guess its normal.

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I had a lot of RLP with #3, but haven't had too much yet with this pregnancy. Is it silly that it concerns me to not have it? Every time a sympton isn't as bad as the last pregnancy, it worries me!

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I had lots of RLP with DD and I think I'm actually having less this time around. I had a bit more earlier on and thought I was in for it but its tapered off considerably.

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I get them when I sit up too fast or turn to fast...or have a really big sneeze.

My midwife says it's absolutely normal and reminds me that every pregnancy is different, even with the same mother.

I know it's easier said than done...but we're all doing well and we have to keep the hope and faith that our LOs are going to keep growing. Nice and healthy little ones for everyone!