Maternity Clothes

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Maternity Clothes

I'll be 9 wks tomorrow, but my clothes isn't fitting. They are too tight already. With DS I wore regular clothes until I was 4 months or so. My old maternity clothes doesn't fit me either. I am waiting for my first trimester to pass in order to buy maternity clothing. For now I have 2 jeans and 2 dresses that I can wear when I get out of the house Sad Hence why I dread getting out of my home, and the nausea.

Any one else feeling a growing bump already?

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I'm having the same problems. It's getting very hard to find clothes that work AND don't highlight the bump. I've been using my Bella Band a lot, and lots of drapey cardigans.

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I was JUST looking down and wondering where that thing came from. It's all bloat for now (and mostly in my head) but there's roundness there that wasn't there last week. I remember thinking the BTDT moms were insane who were talking about bumps before 12 weeks. I hardly looked pregnant at 20 weeks with my first! I suspect I have another month before regular clothes don't fit. I need to dig out those belly bands. I have a ton of maternity clothes coming to me from a friend who is due next week. Smile

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I showed earlier with my first and even earlier with my second so I know I have no chance with this one.

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I showed around 18 weeks with DD1 then showed around 13 weeks with I'm 7 weeks with this little one. I took a belly pic at 5 weeks and again today at 7 weeks. There's certainly a bump there, bloat or's bigger.

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I'm in the same boat - not quite ready for full-blown maternity clothes, yet my regular clothes are not comfortable. I'm wearing my regular pants with a bella band and bigger tops so the bump isn't accentuated. I need/want to hide my PG from my co-workers for as long as possible, which may be difficult. I was hoping to make it until December, so we'll see.

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GL to all you ladies. I caved and bought some maternity pants at Ross. (a discount store in the states)

I have a belly band but still the zippers on my pants were pinching my belly. Not very comfy. They weren't that expensive and I'm hoping I can just wear these the whole pregnancy.

Haha, lately I'm on bed rest so I chill in my pj's all day Smile

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I have bought 2 pairs of maternity pants (1 leggings, 1 jeans) and 3 maternity tees and 1 tunic. I've only worn one of the tees so far. I definitely have a bump though, but since i recently lost a bunch of weight I can still fit into a lot of my "fat" clothes. All the maternity clothes I used for my other pregnancies are way too big, started the other pregnancies at size 18, started this one at size 10.

Here's a picture of said bump taken last week (around 11 weeks)