May badge...?

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May badge...?

When do we pick a May badge or whatever it's called? I'm due May 29th and I'm over 14 weeks so I can only assume all the May ladies are past 12 weeks!

So...we're all sticking here! Smile

I know there have been May Bumble-bees...I have an August 2007 SweetPea. (and I forgot what the May 2009s were sadly) What do you ladies want this month to be?

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Usually not until everyone is in the third trimester (or almost everyone anyway). We could probably start doing a name suggestion thread and start voting after the holidays to give us plenty of time to get a name picked. Hopefully, after the holidays everyone starts getting a little more active again so we have more participation.

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It is after everyone is in the second trimester that you can choose a board name.

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