Meet Sebastian!

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Meet Sebastian!

Born via csection on Good Friday! Weighing 7lbs6oz and 19.5inches long!! After over 24 hours of no progress at all, i ended up needing a c section but what can u do!! He eats like a champ!!! Looks almost identical to his sister! I am in love with him!!!!

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Congratulations! You have had a long journey to get him and I'm sure he is amazing.

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Congratulations! What a handsome little guy!

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Congratulations seems to weak a word!!
I am so so overjoyed!!!!
He is so beautiful!!!!
You make beautiful babies!!!!

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Congrats He is soooo cute!!

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Congratulations!! He is adorable!

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Absolutely beautiful. So happy for you.

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Awwwww Sebastian! What a beautiful little boy and that's a great name! I'm elated for you!

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Thanks so much ladies!!! Had my first real rough night last night. I guess he needs to frt adjusted to his crib but its soooooo good to be home! I am so incredibly swollen. My feer are unrecognizable! I look just like i did with dd. I just want to feel somewhat normal again!

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I'm sorry you had a rough night.
Praying all goes smoothly and you get back to "normal" soon.
Such a sweet lovey you have!

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Congrats!!! He's a beautiful boy! I'm sure big sister is in love with him!

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Congrats Marisol! He is gorgeous. I'm suoer late to this, I haven't been on in PO in ages. But I think about you a lot! Take care and enjoy your little guy!