Moment of panic!

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Moment of panic!

I'm having moments of "OMG I'm going to have a baby!" I'm starting all over again since DD is already 9, I'm soooo used to sleeping all night, and her being so independent that it's starting to freak me out a little. Don't get me wrong I'm ready to have my baby but its going to be a big change.

I'm pretty much ready. I need the pack and play to have on the first floor of the house and the stroller. They are both going to be gifted so I just need to wait to get them.

I get my cerclage taken out in about 4.5 weeks which is crazy!! I can easily have him right after it is taken out, or go full term. It can go either way! It's amazing!!

Are you guys ready?

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Trying to get everything ready! We still have to finish the dressers for his nursery and my friend is throwing me a baby shower next month so I'm waiting to see what I get at the shower before I go buy many more things! I ordered the boys Big brother tshirts and Camden a little brother onesie so they will be here in time! I am just ready for him to be here!! Come on May!

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We haven't even started getting anything out for the baby. There isn't much that we need to buy, but I need to go through all of the baby stuff and start bringing things out and washing them. I'm not sure what to do since we don't know if it's a boy or girl... do you get both sets of newborn stuff out and wash them? I was thinking of pulling them out of our basement, but leaving it all in totes for my mom to wash before we get home from the hospital. We can take one or two things with us to the hospital, but that seems like less work overall. Who knows though, nesting may kick in at some point!

Marisol - I'm not nearly as far out of the baby stage as you are, but I'm going through the same thing. My almost 2 y/o seems so big right now, he's talking, starting to go potty, etc. Definitely not independent by 9 y/o standards, but still vastly different than a baby. I know we will be fine once the baby is here and I'm so grateful for this baby and excited for him/her to be here, but I am still trying to wrap my head around going through it all again!

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I'm right there with y'all. My DDs are almost 7 and 5. This will be starting all over for me too...and the first baby that my DH has ever had of his own. I want our baby boy sooooo much and I'm so happy that we are blessed to have him - plus quite anxious to meet him lol - but panic does hit me once in a while as I think about it all...and I'm in shock that we're "almost" done! Just 10 more weeks!!! Wow!

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I'm a bit panicky too. Not because it's my first baby in a while, but it's because I have 3 other little kids to take care of at home. My DS3 who is 22 months is well into the terrible twos already. Screeching tantrums, whining, hitting and biting. I don't know how he is going to deal with the new baby. He is very used to being the centre of attention. I only have 5 more weeks, so time is passing by super quickly.

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I actually had a full blown melt down, crying fit yesterday. I still have a long to do list before Aiden comes and it's really starting to hit home how soon he'll be here with my other two girls...IDK. I just cried over a fish tank that we got from the inlaws. It's disgusting and I'm scrubbing the heck out of it and it didn't seem to be any cleaner. lol. I just need to try and relax and get done, what I can get done

I've also had a sinus infection on top of that so that didn't make me feel any better lol - it's like i've switched gears and now i'm wishing for more time.