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Thread: More cramps in second pregnancy?

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    I can see your point, Anna. It's been 5 years since the BEGINNING of my last pregnancy and 7 for the beginning of my first pregnancy. Maybe I just don't remember how awful it was.

    Every time I complain about how awful this feels, I feel guilty lol. I know smudgy can't hear me yet but I don't want him/her to even feel my negativity. It's really weird, i know, but somewhere inside I feel like if I keep complaining about how bad I feel that the baby will leave.

    But I do! I feel so extremely awful, tired, nauseous...I can't keep water down! And there's nothing to help me! Zofran is on back order...Please hurry up 2nd trimester!

    (((Stick bean stick))) mama loves u. stay right where you are lol
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    This is my third baby and the longest I have gone between pregnancies. I have been very crampy and don't remember being like that with my other two.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TiggersMommy View Post
    I know for a fact I wasn't feeling this nauseous with Teagan. That didn't start until 7 weeks. I was up with nausea a few times last night. Bluuuuurgh. And I think my boobs are up a cup size already. What is going on in these boobies? Its not like they've been inactive. I mean. Come on, ladies. You've got quite a bit of time to prep for this bean.
    I was busting out of my bras this early with Ronin. I caved and got measured up at 13 weeks and had gone up two cups sizes. Good news they didn't change again and I stayed that size (got close to busting out when my milk first came in but I knew it was short lived and persevered)

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