My second appointment & trying to make some decisions about work

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My second appointment & trying to make some decisions about work

I had my second doctors appointment yesterday. My doctor is putting me back on my diabetic medicine and I am back to checking my sugar 2 times a day...ouch my fingers!! Its been controlled with diet but I guess bc I/m pregnant its not where she wants it to be. Also my thyroid levels are all out of whack. I have been so tired and just out of energy lately. I know pregnancy causes this but its been much worse. She drew some more blood work to check some other levels on the thyroid (I can't remember what all it was) so hopefully they will find something out. She said something about the pregnancy hormone can do something to the thyroid hormone or something like that! She talks really fast so I have to try to catch it all and understand it all! Plus we went over alot. She wants me to write down everything I eat and is putting me on a diet I guess you can call it. I have to look over it before i go grocery shopping this weekend to see what she wants me to eat and not eat!

I am also thinking about quitting one of my part time jobs. I have 3 jobs. I am a photographer, a substitute teacher, and I work for American Greetings I go to 3 stores and put cards out and straighten and all. My husband is in school so I picked up the American Greetings job so he could not work so much and concentrate more on his school work. I just don't know if I am going to be able to keep doing it. I am so run down and tired and I just don't know if I should hang out to see if they get my thyroid issues fixed and see if I am not so tired. My house is such a mess b/c I am just tired all the time.. My mom watches Cooper (DS2) when I am at work and picks up Christopher (DS1) from school and I come home from work and have to take a nap b/c I am just give out and I feel like I am not spending enough time with them. I just don't know what to do. If I drop any job I would drop the American Greetings job bc I would make more subbing then working there. I hate making big decisions.

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:bighug: you seem to have a lot in your plate. It sounds mean, but your DH needs to help you out. I was working 10-12hrs on my last m/c, when I finally stopped and stayed with only one job I felt guilty. It seemed like I overworked myself, and I still wonder if that is what cause my m/c. Over all I think your health and your baby must be priority. If your body is so tired,it's a signal to slow it down.

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DH does help me. I guess I should have went into it a little more. He is working 30 hours a week at his job plus taking 5 class in college (and i must brag he has a A average!) He was working about 45 hours a week but this semester he had some tough math classes and had to drop down to 30 hours a week. The job with the cards is about 15-20 hours a week so that's why I picked it up. I think we have figured out that we can pay our car payments up till income tax time out of savings that we were saving for a house down payment and me stop working with the card job. I also may be able to sub a little more. The secretary knows I have 2 jobs and I have known her for years so I think she hasn't called me as much b/c she didn't want to put to much on me. Subbing is a better job for me b/c I am not on my feet all the time, I am home in the afternoon.

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I'm really glad your DH is helping and I'm glad you two have come to a good agreement. Try to take it easy. You're almost to the second trimester! 3 more weeks! You can do it!

Edited to add: Grats to your DH for his A average. I know it's difficult to do while working!

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Gosh - it sounds like you really have a full plate. I'm not sure if this is helpful, since it sounds like you have other health issues going on, but for this pregnancy weeks 6-10 I was so tired and exhausted. I am pretty healthy and in good shape, but all I could manage to do was take care of the kids till 6 when DH came home and then I had to go to bed. On weekends I would sleep most afternoons too! But anyways, around the 10 week mark I feel like I got some energy back. I hope that happens for you!

I really have no advice on keeping the 3rd job or not. That honestly seems like a lot for one person, but if you guys really need the money then maybe it's not a bad decision to hang onto it. I hear you on the messy house, I only work one job (unpaid, I'm a SAHM) and my house is a total disaster! I'm just too tired to get the housework done.

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I just wanted to say, as someone who has had low thyroid for years, the I-can't-function-because-I'm-so-effing-tired is classic low thyroid symptom. With my DD and with this pregnancy, I've had to way increase my usual dosage of thyroid hormone I take, because pregnancy causes thyroid requirements to go way up. I'm not sure how much you've researched thyroid issues, but thyroid hormone regulates significant portions of your metabolism, so when you have to support another human, you need more thyroid hormone to compensate.

I just wanted to reassure you that if your thyroid is low, you ARE more tired than is normal for pregnancy, you ARE NOT going crazy, and it WILL get better once your levels are straightened out.