OMG! In Shock!

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OMG! In Shock!

Hi ladies, I am Jenny I have been on these boards since 2006. DH and i have been trying for over a yr now and we have had one m/c and a chemical pregnancy, but after 15 cycles TTC i just took a frer and can see two lines! i just kinda took a step away from bc i was stressed from getting my hopes up and then getting a bfn. I am 10 dpo and am flipping out I really hope this bean sticks!!!!!! We have two boys already and were trying for a girl but after this long road to conceive we just want a happy healthy baby! My edd is May 31st/June 1st but I will have a repeat c-section so I know I will go sometime in may, just nervous about when bc my brother is getting married may 16th yikes!

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Yahoo Congrats!! I'll be thinking pink for you!

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Congrats, so exciting!!

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Congrats!!!! How exciting! HH9M to you!

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Such wonderful news! Congrats to you and your husband!!!