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Pregnancy Announcement

As I get closer to the end of my first trimester...I know still 3.5 wks, but I am excited!

How are you telling your family and friends about your pregnancy?

I would love to do something more than just posting the U/S picture (I still would like to included it, but with DS in it). I am planning on taking a picture.

My ideas:

-DS holding two picture frames connected by a green ribbon. The top frame would say #1 with DS name and birthday, while lower second would say #2 and the EDD.

-DS holding a frame saying "Big Brother Promotion" with the EDD under it.

-DS sitting next to a basket full of baby stuff with the U/S in the front.

I would like to hear what you all think? Any other ideas would be appreciated too.

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We took pics at the pumpkin patch this past weekend that I plan to incorporate into my announcement since I'll be announcing right around Thanksgiving Smile I've got pics of me holding a pumpkin (and one with 2 pumpkins JUST in case). I'm going to see how the pics turned out and do some photoshop magic on them.

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I have announced it to family, the old fashioned way, we called and told them or just told them in person when we saw them. I haven't done an announcement on Facebook yet, mostly because I have a few friends with fertility issues and I am trying to be sensitive to them. I'm still really not sure if I will announce at all on Facebook. I have told everyone close to me already, so I feel like the only people i'd be announcing it to on Facebook would be those people that I am not really close with anyways...I don't know, I'm really torn about what to do.

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I'm not sure what we'll do for family yet when we tell them at Thanksgiving, but for FB I've got a set up with a local photographer to do pics (I don't do pro pics normally, but she's doing them for free for her portfolio). My idea is to have each of us holding a pumpkin, with the kids holding little pumpkins and then have an extra little pumpkin that all of us are looking at. The photographer was excited by my idea and immediately wanted to put numbers on the pumpkins, and I'll let her take one like that since she's doing them for free, but I want one that doesn't have numbers painted on the pumpkins because I don't want to make THAT obvious. I think it'll be fairly obvious anyway, but if you aren't really paying attention you'll miss the message if there aren't numbers. And I like that.

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I made shirts for the boys. One just says Big Brother and other says Little Brother and below says expires May/2014. We are telling family as we see them and then in Nov some time will Facebook it.

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I'm on my 3rd and most of my friends are done having kids or are on their 3rd or more as well. So I just kept it simple lol. I posted the ultrasound photo on facebook and said I was knocked up again lol. (Told closer family and friends over the phone).

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I don't have a plan... we don't live too close to our family, so we've been able to hide it so far. I saw my sister 2 weeks ago and she knew it immediately, but she's sworn to secrecy. I think we'll tell our family sometime late October or early November after I hit the 13 week mark. Not sure if we'll just tell them or come up with some creative way to break the news. I'd love to be creative, just haven't come up with anything good yet. No FB or other big announcement for the same reason as Kristin - too many friends with fertility issues right now and I want to be considerate of what they are going through.

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I told my mom and step mom over the phone. We had dinner with DH's family and the girls wore shirts. DD1 shirt said, "I'm going to be a big sister again", DD2 shirt said, "I'm the little big sister"
Both shirts are pink with butterflies and flowers on them.

MIL saw the shirts as they walked by and she said "awww you two match...WAIT!! What does this mean??? Then she turned to us and said! "Youre Pregnant!!!" It was awesome! Then we took a family picture together. DDs in their shirts. DH shirt was then unveiled and it said "be nice to me, my wife is pregnant" and I unveiled my shirt which said, "I'm not fat. I'm pregnant...and curvy!"
We posted that family photo on FB and it was great! was a blast. It was simple but a blast!

I like your first and second ideas! They sound creative and cute!

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Great way to tell your friends and families. I like the pumpkin idea and the t shirts, but I'll decide later.

I have been feeling so bad (nausea) and keep on making excuses of why I feel this way (cold, headache, stomachache)...I'm running out of excuses to justified my odd behavior lately. I just feel sick and sluggish, so I can't wait for my 12 wk mark to tell others. That way I can stop lying and just be my pregnant sell without any judgement.

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Aurora, I've got the same thing! Luckily I'm a SAHM who has virtually no contact with family on a daily basis, but the IL's come over every other weekend and its been hard to hide that I'm feeling so stinking awful. As soon as we tell MIL she will worry herself sick about something happening to this baby before or during the birth for the remainder of the pregnancy so the longer we wait to tell her the better IMO. Thanksgiving is the plan. This past week has been the absolute worst I've felt I can barely function enough to feed and care for my 2 kids. I'm extremely miserable.

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mine was awesome- i posted a pic of four tests i took...yeah i wanted to be sure. but i put_ "not including james, me + jayden = 3, who's pregnant again??? oh wait me!!!" i was creative