Really aweful dreams...anyone?

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Really aweful dreams...anyone?

I keep having these horrible dreams. Waking up and I'm bleeding/losing the baby.
Going into labor and having a still birth.

Then last night I had a weird dream that I went into labor completely on my one around. I have no idea where DH was...where my kids were or the midwife...but I pushed out my kid on the living room floor and everything was fine. At least that one ended in a healthy, happy baby. But it was still weird.

Is anyone else having horrible nightmares? I really, sincerely hope you aren't. I'm just wondering if I'm alone in this. DH and my midwife say it's due to my fears of M/C.

Our 12 week appointment is this Friday. FX everything is well with our LO. Maybe after hearing a 12 week heartbeat, I'll stop all the crazy fear and dreams.

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Oh gosh, so sorry you're having such bad dreams all the time. In my last pregnancies, I've had really random, weird dreams, but nothing like that this time. I think I'm so tired when I actually get to sleep that I don't remember a thing. Hope the same happens for you soon (not the tired part, but not remembering your dreams!). Hugs!

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Those dreams sound scary. I have more vibrant and memorable dreams when I'm pregnant, but I've never had any like that.

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I do on occasion but for the most part they are crazy random dreams that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. I find myself waking up almost daily and saying to myself, "WTH?"

Sorry they are so bad. :bighug: Hopefully they will ease up soon.

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I tend to not remember my dreams...except when I am pregnant. Some are way too vivid and frightening, but can't do much.

Hope your dreams ease up.

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We heard the heartbeat at our 12 week appointment. Since then the dreams are still weird but they have nothing to do with losing the baby. I guess DH and the midwife were fear of M/C was carrying over into my dreams.