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RQsOTD: 10/14

What do you do? Like as a job and all that jazz.

What hobbies do you have?

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I'm in my 3rd year of my PhD in Genetics. I started right after DD was born. I study Conservation Genetics ... the genetic of endangered species. Specifically, I'm studying the Sonoran pronghorn antelope and the Crested Caracara.

I'd like to think that cycling is one of my hobbies. I try to ride as much as I can but I mostly ride to commute to work (10 miles one way). I took up knitting last Christmas and now I'm an ADDICT. I will knit all the things.

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I am a SAHM to 3 little boys. Before kids I was an actuary, I have a degree in Math.

As for hobbies, I really enjoy running, I also play softball and enjoy rughooking.

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I provided in home behavioral services for children with Autism, but two months ago (partly due to the pregnancy) I became a SAHM to my DS who is 4 yrs old.

I don't really have a hobbie, but now that I'm pregnant (and on bedrest), I am planning on learning how to knit.

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I have a Bachelors in Communication with a minor in German and I have a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with teaching certification. I'm a SAHM to my two kiddos 3 and 18 months. I sew and have little time for that these days, so that is pretty much my hobby. I am pretty crafty though and big DIY person, so you could say DIY stuff is a hobby for both DH and me.

Erin, I am totally going to have to get you to knit me something someday.

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I'm a corporate lawyer by day, mom and wife by night. Wink

I enjoy reading and traveling, but between the two things above, seem to do very little of either anymore.

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Wow, kudos to the moms who hold down careers and raise kids too. I find that I am so busy and overwhelmed by the things that keep our house running - I can't imagine doing all of that on top of having a job!

I enjoyed traveling a lot before kids, I miss it now, but traveling with adults is much easier then when you have to bring little kids somewhere.

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I used to be a Program Specialist for the state - processed medicaid and chip applications and found new innovative ways to process things faster and help people in need get their benefits sooner. It was fulfilling...

I became a SAHM after my father and my DH died (dad died of a lung disease, DH...well he wanted to go so he did) I had to find myself again. Became a better me. Now I'm a full time SAHM with my wonderful new DH!

My hobbies are writing/blogging, painting, clay sculpting and DIY stuff too. Anything that gets my hands dirty. I'm not good at things that require finesse. lol

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I was an elementary school teacher. I went back to work after my first son was 4 months. It was hard finding reliable child care and daycare in our area was ridiculous. I took a yr off for child rearing and when my time was up I was due to have baby number 2 I have been a sahm since. I watch other peoples kids during the week also to supplement our income. I love being able to be home with my kids and be involved with their school. When I go back to work eventually I would miss out on these times so I am glad I can do so now.

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hi sorry this took long to reply but, for me- i am an assistant manager for mcdonalds. yeah sounds craptacular but living in morgantown wv, this job has definitely kept it interesting. i've worked in at least 8 stores, 2 of which i've helped open. possibly going to help reopen the store i'm in now once it is rebuilt after it's destruction. long story. while one store is being built, my store will wait destruction and the whole process of being rebuilt but nonetheless busy busy job.

what i like to do, relax, drive, cook, and delve into computer/electronic repairs.

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Hi. I'm a first grade teacher with a masters degree in literacy.

I love reading. I don't have a particular genre whatever catches my attention is what I will read.