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How is everyone feeling? I have some old symptoms and some new ones and others not at all. I had m/s with my last two but so far (5 weeks), nothing which kind of freaks me out. But I didn't have any m/s with my first so I'm trying to tell myself to chill out. I have terrible heartburn already, am pretty tired and my face is out of control (zits galore!). New this time is extreme body temp fluctuations when I'm sleeping...shivering to sweating terribly. Anyone else ever experience this? I've had it post partum with my last 3 but never while PG. Anyone have similar symptoms? Hoping we all stay clear of m/s!

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Lots of fatigue here, and very sore BBs. Some nausea in the afternoons...hopefully that's all it will be! I never had morning sickness with my son, so I'm hoping we have a repeat of that! My symptoms are pretty similar to last time, I'm just more tired. But I didn't have to run around playing superheros last time, so that probably explains it;)

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Hum, well, thus far only a bit more tired and extremely moody. I only had one bout with nauseousness thus far. I can't say I've ever had extreme body temperature flucations like that.

I guess we'll all see how it goes as the weeks go on!

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So far I'm just a bit more tired than usual, but I've had extreme exhaustion fairly early with my previous pregnancies, so I'm expecting that to get much worse over the next couple of weeks. I've also had really bad cystic acne previously and I have already started getting some of that, but again expecting it to get worse. I haven't really had an nausea yet, but I expect that to kick in around week 6 as it has in the past.

I had way worse m/s with my first than I did with my second. Also with my first I had edema very early and couldn't even wear my wedding ring or regular shoes by 18 weeks. With my DS, I didn't get edema till much closer to the end so I'll be curious to see how this one goes.