Throw some names at me!

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Throw some names at me!

We are team green this time so we need two names. We like short names, one or two syllables. DD is Lyla Klaire and DS is Kole Ezra. Toss some names at me (boy and girl names) that you think fit the same vibe.

(Also: I hate Nymbler. The site constantly crashes and I can't seem to find the features on it that others seem to like.)

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What about Lilian or Kyle

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I like Canon for a boy. DH looked at me like I was crazy!

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I got nymbler to work for once and some names it gave were

Eve, Charlotte, Lucy, Harper, Emilie

Liam, Jasper, Kai, Gaige, Owen

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Farquat! Girl or boy, Farquat!

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Boy - Keegan or Myles; Girl - Kennedy or Lucy

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Baby girl names that I find lovely are:

Denise, Robyn, Rachelle, Samantha

Baby boy names:

Dylan, Derek, Louis, Niall Smile

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My sister named her new baby Lauren, I'm no good at names. I tend to prefer really classic names