UGH got in trouble!

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UGH got in trouble!

Had a OB appt today and was told that "you really need to watch your weight." This happened to me last pregnancy. I was gaining weight very fast! I gained 6 frieking pounds this month!!!! 6!!!! Its like I look at food and gain a lb. I'm going to try and modify what I eat and not eat after a certain time to see if that helps. What sucks is that I'm not really eating all that much either.

I'm starting progesterone shots soon. Sad Not looking forward to that....

Just an annoying appt....

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I have the same problem. My OB never mentioned my weight at all, though. I'd gain as much as 7lbs in a month. I gained 40 lbs in each of my last 2 pregnancies and this is one is right on par with that so far. My midwives gave me a food diary paper where I am supposed to write down everything I eat for 2 weeks! I guess I need to do that since they'll be wanting that at my next appointment.

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I think everyone gains weight differently during pregnancy. You know your body and what you need, so as long as you're making smart choices, don't worry what the scales say. With each of my last 3 pregnancies, I gained around 45 pounds. I don't change my eating habits when I'm pregnant, so I really think it's how your body is reacting to everything, building up stores, etc. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't worry if you think you're doing it right! For sure, no dieting or restrictive diet!

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I'm sorry you had a bad appointment. I think sometimes doctors can be really insensitive about weight gain. I've gained a lot this pregnancy 15lbs! Aren't you on bedrest? I would think it would be very hard to burn calories when you can't be active at all.

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Every pregnancy is different. With DS I lost 10lbs in the first trimester and then gained around 30lbs. This time, I have remained the same weight so far, which is great since I am overweight for this pregnancy. My dr hasn't ever brought up my weight as a concern. I think some dr can be put unnecessary stress on a mother to be. If you know you are eating healthy, I wouldn't even listen much to your dr... You know best what actually works for your body.

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I have lost almost 20 lbs. Its due to being back on my diabetic medicine. It makes you loose weight. The doctor also has me watching what I eat.

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Eat healthy food and don't worry about the scale. Instead of reducing the amount of food make better choices. Everyone's body responds to pregnancy differently. A friend of mine and I are roughly the same BMI and we both eat healthfully. She's up 8 lbs and I'm down 8 lbs at 12 weeks. Go figure.

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I'm so sorry Marisol. EveryBODY is different.