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Update (XP)

Hey Ladies!
I'm home and on bed rest....
The procedure was a bit overwhelming I must admit. I came very close to a panic attack when they brought me into the OR. It was in the same OR where they perform C-Sections so they had those baby beds and stuff there, so I just freaked. It's pretty much the same beginning protocol as a csection. They gave me a spinal, laid me down and covered me up from the waist down so I didn't see a thing. I was numb for hours! Then I wouldn't pee so they couldn't send me home, so finally after over 5 hours I peed and I was sent home. Dr. said that he was glad he did it because my cervix was pretty short. I'm home now on bed rest, I can get up and move around next week

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Great news - glad you made it through without any complications and that your doctor is being so proactive. Good luck on bed rest this week!

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It sounds like everything is going great. Wishing you a great recovery.

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Glad to hear everything went ok.