When will you start buying/registering stuff?

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When will you start buying/registering stuff?

I'm trying desperately and failing miserably at waiting.

I keep reminding myself that I'm only 4 weeks along. That I haven't even had my U/S to confirm the placement of our little bean. But I ran to the local babies-r-us to grab a belly band and I couldn't help but make a registry. There's so many cute things out there, even gender neutral things.

And strollers, pack-n-plays...everything has become so much cooler than it was 4 years ago. I had no idea!

I just had fun looking! Is anyone else dying to buy just one little thing?

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I only need a car seat and diapers. I'll get the car seat when I see one I like at a good price.

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I will need clothes, since I've given away everything I had for my last two and will likely start picking up pieces here and there when I see stuff on sale. Otherwise, I won't need much. I kept the infant seat we used for DS, who is still in the crib. I feel like I'm drowning in so much kids stuff now that feel no desire to buy anything else. I'm actually still trying to get rid of some stuff.

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We are in the same boat, Anna! So. Much. Stuff. We will begin purging tons of stuff after the baby doesn't need it anymore. Although my 1 y/o threw the video monitor in the bathtub 2 nights ago, so we might have to buy another one of those. We are trying to dry it out in rice right now and will test it tonight. My fingers are crossed because I really don't want to spend money on it, but we love it and use it all the time (it's the kind with extra cameras, so we have a camera in the playroom too). We need a new infant car seat since ours expired, but my sister just had a baby so I'm hopeful we can use hers since her baby will be done with it before this one is born.

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My sister had a baby almost a year ago. She's giving us tons of stuff but it's mostly gender specific to a boy. Hopefully we have a boy so we can use it all.

But there's things I just love looking at like little teddy bears, tiny baby booties...awwww it's so cute at babies-r-us
Thankfully the closest babies-r-us is 30 minutes away. Same thing for Target. So I only get a chance to peek at baby stuff when I'm in town.

The only store in my town that sells baby clothes are a Dollar General and I don't really care for them most of the time.

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I need to get a car seat since ours expired. I kinda just want yo get a new travel system. And if we have a girl I need some girl clothes we have all boys here Wink

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I don't need much no matter what the gender. Between my two boys and I'm the last of 4 siblings to have kids so I have all their stuff that they are done with so I have a ton of girl stuff as well. As soon as we find gender out I will be getting rid of a lot of clothes. I'll still create a registers though just to get all the coupons they send.