Who is seeing the light?

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Who is seeing the light?

Anyone seeing the end of morning sickness yet?

NOT me! :puke2: I figure I'm in for another 6-8 weeks. Joy. I need a time machine.

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I have days lately where I feel like I'm starting to see the light, but then the next day will usually knock me on my butt. I do cling to hope on the less bad days though. I'll be 12 weeks on Sunday and I do feel like its not as bad as it was 3, 4 and 5 weeks ago. I was sick till around 18 or 19 weeks with DD though, so who knows.

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Yeah, my MS is bad in the morning...I always vomit in the morning now. But then I eat at 7:30 and again at 9:30 and I usually feel better the rest of the day. That's much better than it was so I'm hoping it's a sign that this will be going away completely...hopefully sooner rather than later.

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No, still very sick at all times of the day. To add to it, I have been feeling cramps too. My first :preggo: was hard, but this one takes the cake. Had severe cramping on Sunday night were it left me crying and in an ER. Baby was fine, but i am going back to see my dr. this Friday for blood test and follow up on my cramping.

No light for me Sad

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I'm sorry you guys are all feeling lousy! For me, it went away around 10 weeks. Between 6 and 10 weeks I felt miserable and nauseous/tired all day long. Now at almost 15 weeks it feels like a distant memory. I am feeling great. I hope it ends soon for everyone.

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I really havent had any sickness or symptoms so i am constantly paranoid. With my boys i was sick all the time so this is weird for me. I go for my nt ultrasound tomorrow, every u/s i get so nervous this is my 3rd baby but i feel more on edge this go round

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Sorry to hear so many are still sick. I haven't been nauseous since around week 10 and am slowly starting to get some energy back. I'm still wiped out after working all day, but I can at least make it until the kids go to bed at 8 before I pass out as well. I wasn't even making it through dinner some nights because I'd be so tired which in turn made me sick. Hope the next few weeks fly by for you all and that you feel better quickly.

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I'm developing like 2nd trimester MS or something. I've been getting nauseous lately, even vomited up my dinner the other night. This stinks. I wonder if it's from laying around all day, I'm not digesting my food very well....

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I haven't had to much morning sickness. The thing I hate most is when i have it , its usually in the morning before i have ate....trying to throw up nothing is the worst!

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"NicholeC" wrote:

I haven't had to much morning sickness. The thing I hate most is when i have it , its usually in the morning before i have ate....trying to throw up nothing is the worst!

I'm going to disagree and say throwing up coffee is worse than dry heaving!! Its like fire coming back up. Dry heaving is a close second though since the whole scene seems to last longer than when something comes up.

All that said, I have great news!! I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT!!! I'm still getting nauseous and brushing my teeth is a delicate operation, but m/s wise overall I am feeling a TON better!! Its intermittent and mild now instead of an all day, non-stop nauseated nightmare!! There is an end, ladies, and it is glorious!!! I am so happy about it too because with my DD I was sick until around 18 weeks!! This is like a dream come true for me to be feeling this much better at 12 weeks!