Will you be having a baby shower?

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Will you be having a baby shower?

I've had several people asking me if anyone is throwing me a baby shower for Camden. I have had several people ask if they could throw one for us. It don't really matter with me if someone does or not but There are some people like family and some at church that has the thinking, well you already have 2 boys and having another one you don't need a baby shower. Like I said It doesn't matter to me but a friend of mine said every baby should be celebrated. Which is true. I think the shower is more of a celebration of a new little one coming. We have bought all the big stuff so I don't want no one thinking they have to go out and buy me nothing. We did have a lot we saved from our first 2 boys but we went to look at the stuff where we had it stored and the building was leaking and a lot of it got ruined. We had to buy a new sing and bouncer seat b/c of mold and a lot of the clothes we had stored got messed up. So I'm not sure if we should let someone throw us one or not!

Is anyone else having a shower or what is your thoughts on it.

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I want to but since i am on bedrest i doubt it. My cervix can change literally over night so i cant plan anything. So i finally caved and made a registry to allow family to buy things since i know they will. We have nothing sine DD will be 9 in 2 weeks. I dont see anything wrong with it and say go ahead.

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I totally agree... if someone wants to throw you a shower, go for it. It is a celebration of you and the baby - people don't even necessarily have to bring gifts, just get together and have fun. And if they want to bring gifts and you already have most things, you can never have too many diapers and wipes!

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I am not having a shower. This is my 4th. Traditionally, here, we only have showers for first babies. I did have a party for my 3rd, though it wasn't a shower. There were no gifts exchanged and we just got together for treats and we did a little birth blessing ceremony. Everyone brought a bead and some friends strung them all together for me to wear as a necklace. Everyone at the party was given candles to light when my labour started. There was a Henna artist there who painted my belly and some of my friends massaged my feet. Also, each of my friends wrote down a piece of support that I could take with me for strength during my labour. There were probably other things we did too, but mostly it was a fun get together of supportive female friends.

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I had a baby shower for my first daughter, but when I was expecting my 2nd daughter we decided not to have one.
Instead we had a welcome baby party when she was 3 months old. People brought little things but we already had so many left over things from DD1.

I have to agree that every baby should be celebrated. In your case, if so many of your left over things were damaged, I would let people know about this new development. Celebrate your new baby and get some "small" things like clothes, diapers and wipes.

We are having a baby shower this time. My friends wrangled me into it. I thought we would not have one but then they kept saying, "But this is Greg's first and it's been 4 years since your last LO" - Then we found out it's a boy so that just grew everyone's excitement.

Anyway...it's up to each mother and each situation. I don't see anything wrong with having a baby shower and simply stating "we've got a lot of hand-me-downs or we've got a lot of left overs from our other kids...so just bring yourself and let's celebrate this new life!" Then link your registry and when people see that it's all the "small" stuff they'll understand what you need/want.

IDK, That's just my opinion. LOL

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So I don't post very much at all (sorry) but I know one thing you could maybe do. I've heard of "diaper showers" where you basically say on the invites something to the effect of "don't bring a gift, just a pack of diapers." You're always going to need the diapers, and every pack they bring is one more pack you don't have to buy. The only way this wouldn't really work is if you are cloth diapering. :shrug:

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Probably not bc this is my third boy and I gave everything I need.