Willow's Birth Story (XP in April)

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Willow's Birth Story (XP in April)

I know not too many people are around these days but I hope you don't mind if I share Willow's birth story.

My day started off totally normal. Drove my 4-year-old to preschool and then came home and took my 1 year old for a walk over to a friend's house to drop off something. The whole walk there I had to use the bathroom and it felt like the baby was really pressing on my bladder. Other than that I was feeling fine. I got to my friends, spent about 30 minutes there chatting and then continued on my walk to Starbucks and then home. At about 11am I got in the car to pickup my son at preschool. This is when it starts to get a bit interesting. I get there and walk in as usual. By the time I'm in there I have a few contractions. I don't think much of them. I get out of there and load the kids into the car. I text DH to tell him I've had a few contractions. He asks me if I want him to come home and I say that I'll text when I get home to see how I feel.

The 10 minute drive home was quite a challenge. I had several contractions while i was driving and generally felt miserable. I texted DH as soon as I got home to leave work. I got both kids into the house and made them lunch (hot dog and cheese strings, lunch of champions!) and tried to get through another bunch of contractions while the kids whined at me for various things. DH arrived home around 12:15. I immediately went up to my room. I wanted to start timing contractions. I started timing, and timed for about 30 minutes. The contractions were 40 seconds long and I had about 20 seconds between contractions. At that point I stopped timing. DH dealt with the kids, and got the 1 year old down for nap and the 4 year old off to play Lego. At that point I told him to page our midwife just to come check on me. At that point I thought I had a long ways to go, and just wanted to know how many cm I was.

I spent the next 30 minutes or so in the shower. I got out about 5 minutes before a midwife arrived. It was not our usual midwife as she was with someone else at the hospital. She got in our room, checked my blood pressure, listened to the baby and asked me if I wanted to stay at home (we had blood pressure issues earlier on and were playing it by ear for whether or not to transfer to the hospital while i was in labour) She then told me she was going to prepare and after she was ready she would check me. Well. that never materialized. While she was getting things set up I heard her say to me "Is that pushing?" and sure enough, I was pushing. She told me to get on my bed (I was kneeling beside it) and told me repeatedly not to push. I think that was the hardest part of the labour, not pushing when my body was pushing on it's own! After what felt like an eternity, but was probably like 15 seconds the midwife was ready. I pushed baby Willow out in about 3 pushes. One initial one where my water broke, one for the head and one for the body. The fluid was filled with meconium but she came out screaming. About 10 minutes later my midwife walked in, after having someone relieve her at the hospital. I was snuggling my new little girl. DH cut the cord for the first time ever on my 4th birth. He was a champion, especially given how fast and unexpected things were. In all my labour was 1h40m from first contraction until the birth. I never realized how far along I was in labour! I am eternally grateful that my midwife sent someone out to the house, or DH would have been delivering this baby on his own!

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I love all of the pictures, you have a beautiful family! It sounds like it was quite an experience and I'm glad you got to have another home birth. Many congrats to you again! You'll have to let me know of any secrets for managing 4 kids the ages of ours, I'm starting to get really nervous about the summer with all 4 by myself!

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Awww congrats!!! What a birth story, what an experience. I'm so happy for you!! And she's gorgeous! Congratulations again.