He's gone :(

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He's gone :(

Looks like we didnt escape the deployment bug anyway Sad Good news is he will be back with the rest of his unit in September, so not a long deployment anyway. He'll be home for a year, but lots of training coming up - he was made a team leader Smile He's in afghanistan though, said the conditions where he's at are not very good. Sad No access to skype/webcam but he will atleast have access to his email once every day or two though and phonecalls once or twice a week hopefully. I was a sobbing mess at the airport - I came home to Nebraska for a month while he's gone - the trip was already planned to visit for 2 weeks, so I just extended it an extra couple of weeks.

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:bigarmhug: I'm glad he won't be gone long, but time doesn't make a difference when they're away, imo. Wether its a week or a year they're gone. Hope you have fun with your family and time flies for you

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I hope the time goes by quickly for you. Enjoy the stay with your family and try to stay busy.