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    I'm a reservist girlfriend, but becasue he is a recruiter he works FT. He is in VT and I am in NY. We see eachother every other weekend (he works M-F) if we can sometimes we works weekends too, when they have new soldier training or if he has to drive a new guy to MEPS for Monday.

    We met because MEPS is about 20 min from my house and he stays in town 1 night when he brings a guy down.

    But yea I am a "single mom" when it comes to the kids, and I can't work even if I wanted to because of Heath's special needs. I should be getting chilidsupport from my x but he is not good about paying it on time so I live with my Dad. All honestly it SUCKS, dad is not happy to have the kids stuff all over, I am not happy not to have our own space and being 3 hours from Bill while prego and about to give birth (Due on the 4th) sucks.

    Dad says he loves us and wants to help but then gets upset over toys or the kids touching things that are not his, I get it he lived alone for the last 7 years but still he asked us to come and I don't know how to make it better. Soon Bill and I hope to live together (Hard with Heath's services/Dr's) so Dad can have his place back and Bill and I can be together, and bring our family to the same location, now that the baby will be here (in a few days God willing).

    He has a training in Sept for 3 weeks but sometimes we do go 20 days between visits if the weekends don't work out so I am not ever sure I will knotice, but then we will have the newborn so it maybe harder then I expect.

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