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Military Word of Mouth website

Hi ladies!

There is a fellow military mom who has been working very hard on a new website called Military Word of Mouth. She is busy compiling reviews of as many military installations as possible so that when you move you have up to date "word of mouth" reviews of neighborhoods, schools, doctors, salons, etc. It is definitely a labor of love. She isn't making any money and is doing it because she has moved so many times with her hubby.

If you have some time to go on her site and review any of the military installations you have lived at recently or currently live I know she would greatly appreciate it :). She is doing reviews of ALL places - CONUS and OCONUS and every branch of the military.

Lastly, feel free to use the site when you are moving. She has worked very hard and it has come a long way in the past few months. Hopefully it'll become more useful as more people offer input.

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I'll write a review for her once I get to know the area a bit more, along with my neighbors. But its a good site to know about. I'll spread the word.

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What a good idea. I'll definitely check it out and write some reviews.

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I added the FB link to one of my likes.

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TFS! I'll be sharing our thoughts!

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Just saw the military websight is linking this also.