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Package ideas??

Sending to a friend in Iraq. He is out all the time doing missions and seems like his spirits are way down. Is having a hard time sleeping and being happy. I wanted to send him something that would just put a real smile on his face...


I figured some things he could take with him like food/entertainment?

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I read something a woman sent her husband while he's deployed. She sent him a bunch of gag gifts to keep his spirits up.

She found a store that sold a bunch of bacon flavored stuff (I know you can find that stuff on Amazon), vampire teeth, fake mustaches, etc.

Also if you know if he likes any action figures or superheros you could send him some comic books (when my husband gets deployed overseas and we can send stuff, since we couldn't last time, I am going to send him his favorite comic book The Walking Dead).

I also hear troops like any kind of food (I hear cheese wizz and jerky and summer sausage that doesn't have to be refrigerated are good to send, along with canned fruit and crackers). I also read about people sending silly string to keep them entertained.

Hope my ideas helped! And keep writing him, I hear even a letter helps bring their spirits up.

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Cake in a jar! you can do it with any cake.. then send the can of frosting with, un opened. Smile

Cards and poker chips?? or any sort of group game? (fact or crap, apples to apples-- usually they have hand held versions too).

If he's a reader, what about a funny book? (Darwin awards ones were a big hit with my Dh and pals). Or just a serious book if he is a reader.

Sudoku, crossword, mad libs, word searches or other puzzle books are good too!

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I would always send my husband jerkey that a local smokehouse/butcher shop made. He was the envy of everyone on the ship! Comfort food is always a good thing because odds are the food there is horrible.

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Something I've always sent and all of the guys have enjoyed are spices. The food is very bland so having even basic spices helps. The guys used them so much I had to send a "spice cabinet" 3 times in a 7 month deployment.

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Soft toilet paper. You get a bonus if you buy some that has a funny print on it.