Prayers please!!!

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Prayers please!!!

I just ask you keep a friend of mine in your prayers...

Her husband was killed in Iraq this past week. It hit close to home for me because this was DHs ex-commander(boss). Last year he did move to a different company. I just can't imagine what she is going through

This would be my first solider that I have personally known to have died in Iraq. It shook me because DH is still in Iraq and is close to him. It could have easily been him. Times like this the little things in little don't matter...

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Praying for her and her family.

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Many prayers of comfort for her. Prayers for you too!

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How sad Sad Thinking of your friend :bigarmhug:

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how very sad. Many prayers for her and you.

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Sad of course

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Sending her and you T&P

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My thoughts are with all of you. Such a hard time...

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Many hugs and thoughts your way. :bigarmhug: