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Just seeing how everyone is doing?!?1

We are doing well!! CAn't believe its Christmas!!! So excited for the kids to open presents!! Its after the new year that is going to suck!! DH leaves for school in the middle of Jan Sad I am hoping this 6 weeks goes by fast once he is gone! My mom is coming for 10 days at the end of Jan to help me and bring Christmas presents from the family up north! I am doing Medical Assisting(which is on sat) so I have to find babysitters and starting clinicals the end of Jan. Its going to be busy!!! April we are supposed to be in Ft CArson and I am so excited I can't wait!!!!! I just want April to get here!! I am ready for our next adventure!!

Oh wow I just relized too that DH will be in the army for 10 years this Jan!! Half way there!!

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Good idea for an update thread, this board has been kinda dead lately. Let's bring it back!!

Nicole, woot woot for being half way there!!! Hope the 6 weeks goes by fast for you and April will be here before you know it.

We are good here. DH left for deployment last week so I am adjust to life with 3 by myself. So far so good (knock on wood). We are at my parents house for Christmas and new years so I am enjoying all the extra help while I can!

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I'm doing OK. This is the first Christmas that DH won't be here so its been kind of hard. I leave in a couple of days to spend a week with my parents, then a week with his. I'm actually looking forward to both. They all get to meet the baby for the first time, and it will be nice to have someone else to feed and diaper him so I can get a break. DH has only been gone a couple of weeks but it feels like forever already, and I have so much longer to go! I can get through this, though, like I have every other underway. Just hate that he is missing out on so much with the baby. The good news is that when he gets back, we can start talking about our next duty station. Looking forward to finding out where our next adventure will be!

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We currently in the middle of a TDY en route as part of our PCS. Leaving Laughlin AFB was awful. I felt like everyone did everything in their power to keep us there. :banghead: My favorite was when housing told me that I didn't count and could never leave base housing without DH present even with a POA. :roll: We're at Sheppard AFB for 3 months currently. Nothing like christmas in an apartment full of rental furniture and no decorations. Woo. At least we're together and next christmas we won't be in transit.

Merry Christmas ladies! Smile

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We're settling in here quite well. So far DS is in Pre-k, DD1 is back in speech therapy and DD2 is A-ok Biggrin So far we've only had one ER visit which was thankfully relatively minor. Christmas went well. DH joined the honor guard, or was at least volun-told and it looks like his leadership wants him out as they didn't know how much of his time the honor guard would want. We were able to sell our house and though we lost quite a bit of money at least its out from under us.
Hope everyone's Christmas was filled with fun. It sucks some DHs are deployed, hope the time goes quickly and all return safe and sound.