We have our next assignment!

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We have our next assignment!

We're going to elmendorf AL! WOOOOHOOOO! We're so stoked! So I know that krazycat is there right now (sorry your name has slipped my mind), any advice for prepping to go and when we get there?

We still have to sell our house but I'm so excited. I've been prone to fits of happiness since I found out an hour ago, lol.

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Yay! Dh wanted to go there forever that was one of his big kicks Smile I'm glad you guys are happy with your PCS, I know people usually aren't!

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Yay for an assignment that you want! That doesn't seem to happen very often! Lol

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I love seeing people happy with their assignments

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Congrats on getting an assignment you want. AL should be an adventure.

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I'm soooo sorry I am just now seeing this!! We have had so much going on! Haha, and I hope you are talking about Alaska (AK), not Alabama (AL) Biggrin Just messin' with ya!!

What time of year are you coming in? That will make a big difference as far as how to prepare. All around though, it is NOT as bad as you think when you think about Alaska. I mostly wore hoodies and tennis shoes through winter, BUT I did have a good pair of snow boots that I used frequently. I think I got them from Cabela's online and they are like to -30 or something like that.

Do you have any specific questions? I will do my best to answer.

This place is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The only thing I found was a huge nuisance was that you might go to sleep during the winter and get 20 inches of snow overnight!! I like he snow, I just don't like shovelling it... and if you live on post (which I suggest), you have to shovel it within 24 hours. Plus, you wouldn't want to let it build up anyways b/c then you would have a HUGE job.

It is extremely expensive. Even moreso than Hawaii. You get COLA and BAH to match, but it goes fast. Out in town milk could be over $5, and one carton of eggs can be $5, just to give you an example. Gas right now is $3.97, but just last week it was around $4.20/gallon. To get quality housing off post equal to most (and I say most b/c there are some extremely crappy houses on post) of the housing on post, you would probably be coming out of pocket some. The housing is privatizing July 1 though so they are doing a ton of demolitions, renovations, and new constructions. Get on the list asap. But are you Air Force? If so, the housing over there is all pretty nice.

But yeah, any questions, ask away!!

ETA: You can add me on Facebook if you want. Search my email: [email]ariel_elizabeth2002@yahoo.com[/email]

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OH and make reservations with lodging ASAP. You can always call and change them if you need to. The lodging here fills up very VERY fast!! They also don't advertise the TLF rooms a lot of the times, so ask for one if they have it. You may know this already, but TLF has full kitchens (micro, full size fridge, stove, dishwasher, etc), and there is always a laundry facility very close as well. We got stuck out in Anchorage, and that SUCKED!!

They originally sent us to Fairbanks a week before New Years 2010 (65 degrees in Texas when we left, and -40 when we arrived in Fairbanks). We were there for a week, then they deferred us down to Anchorage, so I didn't have anything set up here for us. I had made our reservations in Fairbanks like 10 months prior so I had it all arranged when we rolled in initially. I've only ever seen it get to like -10 here, but I know it can get much colder. Normally it's not bad at all though.

Sorry I'm all over the place and rambling lol!!

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ooh AK?? Now I'm jealous