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Thread: What tips for keeping your relationship strong?

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    Yes thats what I figured that's why it is not advantage to marry soon if we did I would still have to live apart and we would lose our social services.

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    I know nothing about the contracts of the army, buy our EFMP did a great job of getting our papers processed in under 2 weeks. If I understand this right if you marry right before his contract changes, by a few weeks then hopefully EFMP can get you in asap and make all the changes necessary. You should also be able to look up things on websites to find info on local areas to see what there is available for Heath's health.

    As for us and our family. We dont' have a set plan on how to stay close. So far he's only been deployed once and during that time we skyped almost everyday but it was usually after the kids were in bed due to the time difference. I'd send him pictures all the time and emails multiple times throughout the day of when all was going on. I would try to keep negative things to a minimum so as not to stress him out. And we never end a conversation angry for when we were in high school he had a near loss of life.
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