Behaving in Church

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Behaving in Church

Okay guys, I need some help! We recently started going back to church (bad mommy LOL) Zayden hasn't really been much other than his baptism and a few other times.

Where we moved has an AWESOME church, very family friendly. They have a "Sunday school" type program for kids 4-6 that I put Z in (yes I know he isn't 4 but they said okay --they also had a nursery play room but the kids there are much younger and I think Z is too rough for that)

So almost every Sunday now we get up, take Z to his class while mommy goes to church. (DH doesn't go)

I know next Sunday (mother's day) I heard that there isn't a class so I was thinking ahead to what to do with Zayden then. Then yesterday I go to take him to class and they had a sign class was canceled due to illness. OH NO So I have no choice but to take him with me to church (and yes I almost thought about leaving).

As expected, he was HORRIBLE. He kept talking, making rude noises, fussing. I let him color on an envelope but I didn't have anything with me. I took him out once for time out and at the end he started getting really restless, I popped his hand and he threw himself on the floor and started howling.

I know he isn't alone, but most of the kids his age are a little quieter, maybe cause they've done this before.

So what do you guys do with LOs in church? How do they behave? I figured I'd bring crayons and stuff next time but I was really unprepared this time.

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When I have to take mine anywhere that they have to sit still and be quiet, it is so stressful. I take lots of stickers, they work well for us. I recently found a sticker mat with a farm on it, and lots of reusable farm stickers, it is wonderful. It doesn't really matter were we are, but I almost always end up having to leave to let Cora run around, the kid has to be moving at all times to be happy.

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You are not alone, Sophia would not be able to sit quietly through church, no way. She can't sit quietly for 5 minutes. She goes to kids church, and if I had to take her with me, they have a "cry room" which is pretty much full of families with kids and they broadcast the service on TV. I sat in there almost every week with Layla up until very recently when I started putting her in the nursery (it takes me a while to trust my babies with strangers. LOL) When I sit in there I can barely pay attention so it makes it almost pointless to be at church at all.

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I think they had a cry room too but I didn't take Z. I kinda hoped we could get through it cause I would rather he learn to do it right then him think its okay to run around? But, especially with his personality, that was TOO much to hope for so next time we will go there.

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Miles does amazingly well in's weird. He is totally quiet, he hums along to the songs, seriously, I don't know why he's so good when we go there, LOL! ((Except he was a quiet brat when we went up to the front when Vivi was baptized...) Many people sitting around us have commented to me after the service how well he behaved. Now, Vivian on the other hand... Wink

Our church has activity bags for the kids so I always grab one of those. They usually have paper and crayons, some books, and a stuffed animal or puppet in there. I bring a sippy cup of water as well.

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Alyssa usually isn't that good either. She has no concept of a whisper. She throws a fit when she doesn't get her (which is everywhere, not just church!). We have a "church backpack" that we bring some weeks that has notepads, crayons, book, a couple Chuck Trucks, a few other small toys. I second what Tisha said about stickers, they are amazing! Our church also has "busy bags" (which i am in the group that is in charge of them) and they have coloring pages, crayons, books and few cheap/Mcdonalds type toys. So some weeks we will grab one of those.
DH and I both like the idea of teaching them to sit through a service and not be too rowdy/loud. Not to say that is is easy b/c Alyssa can a pill most weeks. And she proved to me tonight that she does kind of get it and listens a little bit. During our prayers tonight I said "in Jesus' name Amen" and she goes no mom the pastors say "In Jesus' name we pray, Amen!" Proud momma! But we have never taken her to then nursery.

Oh and I usually bring a little snack too. Usually like fruit snacks, Goldfish or something. At our church during offering they put a little basket up front for childrens (which goes to a different cause each month) and the kids bring their offering up. So we give Alyssa some money to bring up and when she gets back she gets her snack. Dh's parents go to our church too and we almost always sit by them too so they occupy her alot too. And grandpa brings her a treat most weeks too!! He loves his sunday Alyssa time! Even if it is just for the 2 minutes while she eat her treat!

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that is so hard. I remember being soooo bored in church when I was little and there was not Sunday School. So bored! So I understand how difficult it is for kiddos. I would use the cry room in those cases, or watch the service as a Podcast later. I know it should be expected for the kids to be able to sit and behave, but that's asking a lot of a 3 yr old. And I think a loud child is distracting to others who are there to focus on the service.