Birthday updates

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Birthday updates

So our babies are turning did that happen?

What is everyone's plans for bdays, share photos! What presents are our little ones getting?

We got Z (well all three of us) season passes to Legoland and took him yesterday. No real party for him, we will take cupcakes to school tomorrow and will have a family celebration at Chuck E Cheese tomorrow night.

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Miles turned 4 this past Saturday. We went to a train expo and then to Chuck E Cheese. We had cupcakes and let him open gifts from us. We got him an Angry Birds game, I Spy books, some play food, and a Cars2 Busy Book. It is a book, and included a road map with 12 of the vehicles from Cars2. I think that is his new favorite toy. He has been playing with it non-stop!

We took cupcakes to preschool today.

We're having a joint birthday party for Miles & Vivian this coming Sunday...a Pirate & Princess party. Miles is super excited and has been counting down the days!