Can I brag a little?

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Can I brag a little?

I finally started Weight Watchers on July 7, 2011.

This is a picture taken of me in April, 2 months before I started. When I finally went in I weighed 237 pounds and felt awful.

This is me 1 month later, August 6, 2011, but 4 months after the first picture was taken, I had lost about 11 pounds so far and was feeling MUCH better although standing next to the very tall and skinny Taylor Swift didn't make me feel much skinnier, lol!

And this final picture was taken on Wednesday, October 26th, I am now currently down 36.2 pounds. I hope to break through to 199 this Thursday!

I still have a ways to go but I feel so inspired and dedicated this time and it feels amazing. I wear a pedometer all day long to make sure I get up and move around. I am so glad I am taking my life back! I have started wearing make up again and got my nails done for the first time in years! The next thing is the new wardrobe but I'm saving that for when I reach my goal weight which I hope will be 100 pounds. Emma receives communion on May 5th and I'm hoping to reach my goal by then or at least be very close so that my new wardrobe will be in time for summer!

Thank you for letting me show off a bit!

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Lori, you look great!!! OMG, your loss is so evident in those pictures. Wow....keep up the good will definitely hit your goal with the determination you have now.

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Thanks Jenn! I appreciate the encouragement!

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WOWWW WOOWWW you look good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
keep up the EXCELLENT WORK

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Wow! You look great!!! I'm glad you're doing things for yourself (nails, make up, etc). I think you will reach your goal in no time!

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Great job Lori!! So proud of you!

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Thanks girls! It feels so good!!

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So jealous! I wish I would have started WW months ago.

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Wow! Lori you look fabulous! I'm so glad to hear that you are finding time for yourself and you are taking care of YOU! Great job on losing the weight... stay focused and you will definitely reach your goal weight!

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You look so fantastic! Not only thinner- but healthier and happier! Good for you! Keep up the great work! Smile

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Wow, you look incredible! I can see such a difference in your whole body, but I can especially see a difference in the definition of your look GREAT! You seem so motivated, I'm really excited to watch as you continue towards your goal!

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Lori!!!!! WOW!!!! I am SO proud of you for taking time for yourself and doing this!! Your post itself sounds so much more positive!! You look awesome!! Wow, really...I think you are doing a fabulous thing for yourself and I'm almost in tears thinking about how good this is for you AND for your girls. They're seeing that you're taking care of YOU and that is SO SO SO important!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That is so fabulous! I am so happy for you!! Keep up the good work!!!

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Lori, how awesome! You look so happy!! I love your determination, you can do it! (and already have Smile )

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Lori you look amazing!!!! Congrats and keep up the good work.

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Thank you so much girls. I am so happy for taking back some control of my life. I'm moving in the right directions. Things with DH are still so uncertain but the fact that I am doing this for ME is so good. Regardless of what's going on, I will not miss my Thursday 10AM WW meeting, I have made so many friends and we all keep each other in check, it also helps to be "accountable" to others, if I miss a meeting I'd have to come up with a really good reason, and it's become more of a social outlet that I happen to get weighed in at.

Then it followed with going to the Clinque counter in Macy's on my birthday for a make over and I remembered how much I loved Clinique! Now I put my make up on and I don't feel as if I am hiding anymore. Then Friday I decided the next missing link was my nails. It makes me feel feminine again and not just MOM. The girls are really excited about it also.

I know it's steps in the right direction and it's giving me my confidence back and making me feel important and good again! I will keep you all posted and so appreciate all of the added encouragement for the days when there are some doubts or frustration!

Love you girls for giving me the push I needed in directly if anything by always listening to me and showing me that it's okay to take time and money for myself finally!!

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Lori you look fabulous!!! Way to go! Totally jealous too! I've got no ambition! I was down 20 lbs under pre-pg and now i'm back and what I started at when I got preg with Lauren.

So happy for you!

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You look wonderful! So proud of you...keep up the good work!

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Thanks girls! I said that I lost one pregnancy weight now I have two more to go plus 11 years of marriage, lol. I want to get back down to what I was when I met DH, and then some!

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Lori, That's AWESOME! It's so hard to lose weight. 36 pounds is HUGE! I'm starting a diet program Tuesday,(no sense starting one with all the Halloween), and I hope I can keep your motivation and positive attitude. It seems after two kids and turning 35, I have to work SO much harder to stay fit!

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Wow Lori you look amazing, so happy for you, keep up the great work!!

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Well as everyone has already said, you look fantastic!! I joined WW about 3 months ago and have only lost 9 pounds, so I'm going to need you to pass some of that motivation my way!!! LOL

I'm glad you have found people you like in your meeting...that makes a big difference and is something I'm missing in mine.

You are totally going to do it, you are doing so great. And I was thinking, you even kept this up through your twisted ankle, right?? When you were on crutches? That is amazing. REALLY proud of you, and I know your girls are too.

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Thanks Carrie, I actually started the week my cast came off, but I survived living in a hotel for two weeks and a friends house for a week during the hurricane, eating out 3x per day was a huge hurdle but I lost weight each week.

Please feel free to PM me if I can help you at all. If you are feeling disconnected at your meeting, SWITCH! I know that can be hard between the girls and work but the meeting is KEY and tracking and using e-tools. You may just need to find a new meeting with a different leader and more welcoming "regular" faces. It took me a while and when I walked in the first thing I thought was oh no, no one is going to want me here week after week with 3 kids (since it was summer), but week after week they got to know me and the girls and welcomed us and thankfully the girls were so well behaved that I was complimented on them.

DH has even joined and has lost 12 pounds already! I can't explain how it's working for me this time other than it just clicked and I've come to terms with the fact that I will ALWAYS have a fight with food and this is NOT a diet but a new way of life for me!

I have lots of great recipes and snacks that help and I know the points for lots of them that I am more than willing to share!

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wow you look GREAT!!! your inspiring me to get my butt back in gear Smile

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Thanks Kim, you can do it!!

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Way to go girl! Fantastic! Keep up the great work!:yahoo:

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BTW Lori, Jackson weighed 34 pounds at his checkup, you've lost a whole 3 year old!!! Keep it up, you're doing great!!