Christmas traditions

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Christmas traditions

So do you have any? did you start any new ones?

This year I think I'll start the "pyjama elf" tradition. Last few years I bought them christmas pj's early so they could wear them longer lol. But this year I decided to get them a size bigger so they can wear them the rest of winter and maybe even next nov/dec. DH and I both needed new pj's too so I got us a pair. I'm going to wrap them and leave them under the tree christmas eve morning with a note from a Elf saying that they are for them to wear that night.

We also decided to buy a family together present, which I may put with the PJ's. This year its a board game (Mater operation lol). I figure each year I can buy something like a game board that the whole family can play or maybe passes to mini putt or movies as they get older that we can all do together.

Christmas Eve we go to DH's brothers house and before we go I'll have the girls make the reindeer food and we will sprinkle it on the ground right before bed when we get back.

I wanted to do the elf on the shelf but DH though it was creepy and might freak out the kids lol

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We get the kids new pj's also every year. We put out cookies and milk for Santa. That's about it, I'd love to do the reindeer food but don't know how.

We will do Elf on the Shelf next year if I can get it on sale after Christmas this year.

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We did reindeer food last year and if I'm at home on Christmas eve this year we will do it again. I think he will get it better now. Lori, reindeer food is just dry oatmeal and red and green sprinkles or glitter. You just mix some up and have the kids sprinkle it on the lawn. It's probably way prettier for you guys since here it gets lost in the dead grass and there it would be on snow.

The polar express ride is a tradition on dec 23 but this year we will miss it. Sad

I want to start the pj tradition as well, but I'll wait until next year. I want to do the elf as well but I was waiting for deacon to fully get it, I think he would have this year.

Cookies and milk for Santa for sure, reading the Christmas story - both of them. And every year on Christmas we have a cake that says Happy Birthday Jesus.

Next year we will each get 3 gifts, one from each person in our little family except ourself. Everything else will be from Santa. That way we cut back on how much we buy and it makes deacon and Kara think they gave gifts too.

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I forgot about the santa train. We go next week Wink

milk and cookies of course that too

Lori I use Oatmeal and red and green sprinkles (the kind you put on cookies) so they all dissolve on the grass/snow. I don't like using non ediable stuff since it might stay on the lawn forever. or some poor squirl will eat it and get sick. There is a poem that goes with it and I usually read it to the kids

if you can't see the poem it says

Sprinkle on the lawn at night
The moon will make it sparkle bright
Santa's reindeer fly and roam
this will lead them to your home.

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That is so awesome, I'm going to do that this year to. Just red and green ice cream sprinkles?

I hope to God we won't have snow on the ground, we usually don't but it gets cold enough for it to frost a bit on the grass. We will be leaving to go to my cousin's house around 2PM on Xmas Eve and probably won't get back home till about 2AM Christmas Morning. Can we do it before we leave the house in the afternoon and then they will see it when they get out of the car to go in the house when we get home?

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Yeah I'm sure you can do it early. I use the sugar type green and red sprinkles since they "glitter' but I'm sure any sprinkles will do. We might do it before we leave for my BIL's Christmas eve since by the time we get home it will be dark.

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We do jammies. Will do milk and cookies and reindeer food this year. I didn't last year but she didn't quite get it. I have some reindeer food they made at daycare last year that I can use this year.
We will do the Christmas story also, both like Jenn said.
They last couple years I've made french toast on Christmas morning so I think I'll make that a tradition too.
I bought a gingerbread house kit today so maybe we'll try to keep doing that every year too.

What exactly is Elf on the Shelf? I've seen it but don't know exactly what you do with it?

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We do a lot of the same traditions as the rest of you. We just got the Elf on the Shelf Saturday night and started that this year, along with going to Polar Express. We also do the pajamas for Christmas Eve. We bake a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas day. We read T'was the Night Before Christmas and the story of Jesus' birth from the Bible on Christmas Eve and leave milk and cookies for Santa. We go to church on Christmas Eve. A lot of this is stuff my mom started a few years ago with the grandkids and I've just continued it on at our house.

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"asteuck" wrote:

What exactly is Elf on the Shelf? I've seen it but don't know exactly what you do with it?

its a Elf that you sit on a shelf and it reports to santa every night on wheter the kids are good or bad. Its magic so the kids can't touch it or it will loose its magic. You put it in a new spot every night so it looks like it left lol. It comes with a book about the story. I have the book but not the elf. I think I'll do it next year since they will be a little older

you can probably use any elf Wink People get pretty creative with where they put the elf, if you google pics there are some pretty funny ones lol

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Those who have done reindeer food, did you do this growing up too?

I've thought about doing this for the last few years, but how do you explain why the reindeer food is still on your yard the next morning? I would have wondered as a child why the reindeer did not eat it. And I think Ava, even at her young age might go out looking for it with some questions why it's stil lthere.

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I'd just say that they weren't that hungry cause they had to eat at every house, and I also told them it helps them to find the house.

As far as the Elf on the Shelf I want one so bad, if DH gets his bonus this week I'm going to order it even though it won't be here for very long.

Kailee has one in her class and it's hilarious. Her teacher is AMAZING. The day after she was absent - Sonny - the elf was hanging from her desk! She is so excited by it.

Oh and I just saw a picture of one where the elf at all the chocolate in the cupboard! It's so funny.