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Just sitting here thinking of the terrible new thing I started with Miles, and wondering how I'm going to break it. Anybody have some confessions to share?!


We moved Miles to his new room about a week and a half ago. He's adjusting okay, besides it takes him *forever* to fall asleep now. Before he'd be out in a couple minutes. Now, it takes him a good 30 minutes to fall asleep. So what does stupid mommy do? Give him a sippy of milk. Duh. He promptly asks for it now. This will be fun to break. Lol

Share yours!

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With this new LO coming i am trying to get as much cuddle time with deacon as possible, i want him to feel completely loved, dispite all this baby talk but i also want to get in as much alone time with him as i've been letting him fall asleep with me and then just moved him to his bed later. However, he now wakes up crying for me in the middle of the night. :confused:

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Ours is kind of like yours Jenn. I take a nap every day with Colby when Jackson takes his nap. Today, Donnie took a nap with Colby. Jackson came out screaming from his nap before he had taken it, excited because he could hear the garbage truck. So, I put him back in bed and try to sleep with him. Dumb, dumb, dumb. He ended up skipping his nap today and having a huge fit, and *knock on wood* we hadn't had a fit since the week we brought Colby home. Tomorrow we're going to the State Fair, so hopefully the day after, we can just get back to our regular nap routine.

That and I pretty much give him a cookie to sit on the toilet and just *try* to go poop.

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This is really stupid, but annoying none-the-less. Sophia has these 3-dollar flip flops from Payless that she is obsessed with. She literally wears them until she gets in to bed (leaves them at the side of the bed) and puts them on the minute she gets out of bed. She started insisting on wearing them in the car to go to school, and I got tired of fighting her, so I let her and just take another pair of shoes in the car that I can put on her when she gets to school. Her school has a really strict shoe policy and she definitely cannot wear flip flops to school (no sandals, no crocs, etc). So one day this week I forgot to bring the REAL shoes, and had to go all the way back home to get them after I dropped her off at school. That was enough to make me put an end to that bad habit. I'd rather deal with the whining.