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Yahoo :yahoo: Yahoo

I just saw your FB update - so so so happy for Josh and you guys! Congrats - all that awful stuff paid off!! I'm teary remembering your stories about his braces, his "fast shoes", and playing at school on the cars, etc. Give him an extra hug from me!

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Im with Shelly on this! I remember his fast shoes and how hard it was on you to have him wear those braces! How amazing! Yahoo :yahoo: Yahoo

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That is GREAT news, Dawn!!!! Yay, Josh!!! Yahoo

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The most amazing news. I can't imagine how elated you must be! Congrats to Josh and family!

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Thanks girls! I think I'm still in shock. Smile I had prepared myself for the worst and this was the best news ever!

Friday we went back to the doctor and got more x-rays. Both Greg and I had prepared ourselves for the worse news. I even had a list of questions related to the braces, surgery and general questions about the disease. When Dr. Kuester entered the room she was all smiles, sat down and said "his legs look great!" Our response was "What do you mean?" She explained that his legs had straightened and that he look fantastic. Three months ago the angles of his legs were at 82 and 85 degrees. Nomal is between 87 - 90 degrees. Today his right leg was at 87 degrees and his left was at 90 degrees.

Tears of Joy! I think I'm still in shock! We could not be more happy right now. I'm so thankful that our little boy no longer needs to wear those awful braces and surgery is not needed. I'm so happy that he will be "normal" amongst his classmates at school. He will be able to ride the bikes in the gym....I could go on and on.

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Beyond amazing.. so happy for you guys :woohoo: :woohoo:

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Fantastic news!

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What wonderful amazing news!!!!! So happy for you guys!!!!