Do you like hot chocolate?

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Do you like hot chocolate?

If so then you have to try this!

I bought it this weekend and am having some now - YUM!

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Gee thanks Jenn- totally making me spend money I don't have but had to order that cause it looks yummy!

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mmm hot chocolate love it, especially this time of year with marshmallows Wink I'll have to see if I can find that here

ETA now I need to go make some.. but its 10:30 and I didn't sleep last night.. so maybe I shouldn't lol

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I love it with a piece of peppermint in it.

I made Lyla a cup and put marshmallos in it, and she wouldn't even try it. I even called it a chocolate drink. Last year she wouldn't try it because I called it hot chocolate, and she was afraid it was hot.

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Yum I love hot chocolate!! I can't really drink it right now because I have to watch the sugars but in a few weeks when I can indulge again you bet I'm gonna have a huge hot chocolate drink!

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You can get it at your local grocery store in the ethnic aisle.

Deacon would drink it last year just fine but this year he worries about it being too hot too. And when I add marshmallows he just wants to eat those and be done.

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I have been thinking about hot chocolate all day now LOL

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I don't but DH drink one everyday...

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Mmmm!!! Mexican hot chocolate is the best! I order one at the little mom & pop coffee shop down the street from us when I get to go for a treat. Smile

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I've not had the Mexican kind - I keep hearing about the all kinds of awesome it is, though. Is it spicy, or what?

I have a huge tin of Starbucks hot chocolate powder, which I use every few days. It's got quite a bit of dark chocolate, though, which gives it a more bitter taste than I'm used to in hot choc. Not sure that I love it that much, but I'm stuck with it for a while (see above ... HUGE tin, lol).

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