Earrings on kids

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Earrings on kids

Okay, random question. So Sophia has her ears pierced, and has since she was 3 months old. Recently, I'm having trouble keeping earrings in her ears. For a little while she was playing with them, but I don't think she is doing that now, they just don't seem to stay in. I will find one on the floor, or in the bathtub, or just missing all together. Do any of you have LO's with pierced ears and if so, do you have any recommendations for keeping their earrings in? I thought they made screw-back earrings for little kids but I can't seem to find any.

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not pierced here yet (the kids that is) So I'm no help dont the ones they actually pierce their ears with sort of snap in place.. I always remember those being harder to remove.

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Yes! Brenna has lost so many earrings; she pulls them out! Finally today I put her studs back in because she can't get them off! We have one pair of the screw on back earrings, so maybe I'll just use those two pairs on her. I think we got them at Winners/TJ.Maxx.

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i was going to suggest screw backs as well. then even if they play with them, you know they're never going to fully unscrew. just make sure to check the thread once a day to make sure they're not too loose.

I still have the original studs in DD ears cause im worried that they will fall out at daycare or else where. she doesn't play with her earrings though.

good luck!