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Family Photos

Here are our pictures we got done a few weeks ago for our annual family pics/Noah's 3 year pics. This is the third year we've gone to this photographer and I just love her work--I wish I had known about her when Noah was born. I think they turned out SO good, which was surprising considering Noah was a pill much of the time and I had to bribe him with Skittles, lol. I am having such a difficult time narrowing it down to the 11 we get on CD. Can you girls help?

*link removed for privacy*

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I love as a pic for the 3 of you the first one...
and also number 4 (black &white)

and for Noah alone the one where he sit on the suitcase with "the look" is PRICELESS to me

and Jessica you are so beautiful and look amazing.. (please never ever cut Noah's hair he is way to cute)


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Very nice! They all turned out great!!

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OMG Noah is a little heartbreaker. I agree NEVER cut his hair. You look great!

why do you have to choose 11? LOL I'd want them all

I'm probably not much help but I like 1, 4, 6, 8, 12, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22 (is that 11?? lol)

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They are gorgeous!

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You guys are adorable, they all came out great!!

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Ok first off - I love the red in your hair - that looks great!

I think its too hard to pick from these, they are really good. I like the ones of all of you and #15 is probably my favorite.

Funny you bribed him with Skittles but I don't see any in the pictures. Last year we used a huge candy cane and ended up with it in all of our pictures and all over his face. LOL

You have to buy #16 - one for you and one for Andy Smile

And #18 - cute! Noah and Deacon have pretty similar hair right now. Can you believe it?

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Love them and yes, your hair looks awesome!

I had to look at them on my tiny iPhone screen, but these were my favorites:

3, 4, 8, 13, 15, 16, 17, 22

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I love them all, I can't even pick a favorite. Very nice Jess!

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I couldn't pick a favorite --sorry -- I would have to have them all! SOOOO cute

I cannot believe how grown up Noah looks! Such a doll!

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These are fantastic!!! TFS

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What great pictures!!!! You're gonna have a hard time narrowing it down, they all look great!

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Thanks, girls! Yes, Magali and Kim--I LOVE Noah's hair!! We have cut around...8 inches I would guess of the back over the course of the last year and a half, if you can believe it. And thanks for the compliments on my hair--I needed to do something to spice myself up. I'm pretty boring, even according to my 58 year old mother--she says I need to be more fun and adventurous with my clothing and jewelry. And if I had realized there'd be a shot of my behind, I would've gotten a colon cleanse or something to drop some quick weight, lol.

Jenn--picture #10 his mouth is full of Skittles--Amy was real good about shooting in between bites, lol.

I'm going to remove the link because I hadn't realized our last names were on it. If you're still interested, you can PM me for the link. Smile

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OH my those are WONDERFUL pics Smile How on earth could you pick .....I LOVE them all & LOVE Noah's hair....sooo adorable! Makes me wish I wouldn't have cut Sawyers Sad

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I did look at these before but didn't realize I forgot to reply!

They all look great Jess! Can't remember now which ones I liked though!