Favorite mommy moments?

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Favorite mommy moments?

What are a few of your favorite things that your LO does, what moment just makes everything alright?

For me its those early mornings when Z creeps into bed (we are trying to work on sleeping in his own room all night but after 5-530 if he comes in we let him into bed)

Anyway, Z creeps into bed and immediately rolls over to me for cuddles. Often he snuggles up in my arms just like he has done since he was born and smiles and goes back to sleep. When I get up to get ready for work, he calls me back, mommy more cuddles, just five more minutes. If I have time, I will cuddle back with him. He softly whispers in a high voice, mommy you're my sweet heart and I love you so much.

Just makes everything else worthwhile.

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Miles often ends up in our bed around 530 too. Around 630 he tells me it's morning...we can't sleep all day. Lol

I'll think of my favorite sweet moments and come back.

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Ashley, some days Z does NOT go back to sleep too and I tell him its too early to get up. Bit later, Mommy, the sun's awake, time to wake up! Grrrr....go tell your daddy! Smile

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Oh, there are so many! Right now, it's all her excitement at new things, esp her love of Manoj and her feelings of herself as a "big sister". I LOVE re-seeing the world in her eyes. It's amazing and adds so much more color to our lives. I can't wait for Manoj to start doing all this too.

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I think one of my favorite moments with Jude is when he smiles and looks straight into my eyes. It's usually when something tickles him, and it's like he wants to share that moment with me. I also love when he wordlessly just scoots closer to me on the couch and wraps his hands around my arm. He's not usually a cuddler, so I always treasure when he actually wants to be close to me without me asking!