Florian first Junior Limited North American Championship ....

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Florian first Junior Limited North American Championship ....

Florian first Junior Limited North American Championship sleddog race ....
let me tell you he loves it and in some pics you can see the BIG SMILE on his face !!!!

some of you saw the pics on FB but here some.....

03 march 2012 canon 003 by magali99760, on Flickr

Florian shift is weight so he would not fall off in the turn and slope

Florian and Loly by magali99760, on Flickr

His "big trophy since he was 3rd

04 march 2012 Olympus 023 by magali99760, on Flickr

If you want to see other pics go to my Flickr gallery and see the "other" kids and depending on age you can run with 2, 4 or 8 dogs....


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OMG that gallery is amazing! How cute and proud is Florian?!?! So proud of you guys! That is so amazing that he's so into it and can carry on your family's love for dogs and sledding. So happy for you guys Magali!

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Wow, that's amazing! It's so cool to see what a three year old is capable of, and he looks like he's doing such a great job. I love his little cheeks in the last photo you posted - he's adorable!

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Great pics and I agree with everyone, so amazing that he's doing this and joining you and DH in your passions.

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It is absolutely previous how he has that huge smile glued on his face in the race! How fun for him to get to do something he enjoys so much. And great pictures!!

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That is so awesome! I LOVE his huge smile in the pictures!!! Is he the youngest one in this??

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How awesome is that!! Love how he looks so proud!